How to Build a PR Strategy for Your Business

In this episode of Business Systems Explored, we talk to Doyle Albee, host of PR is Dead and president of PR firm ‎Metzger Albee.


Public relations expert Doyle Albee shares his stories, tips, and processes on building a PR strategy for your business.

We chat about everything from building relationships with reporters to knowing the perfect time to strike with your story. And, the myth that ‘all news is good news’ is debunked!

Get inside the world of reporters and their motivations with these unique insights from the president of Metzger Albee PR firm, and host of the podcast PR is Dead.

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“All news is good news? That’s one of the worst statements ever.” (tweet this)

Show notes:

  •  Is PR dead?
  • The major problem with public relations in 2016
  • PR mistakes to avoid
  • An easy-to-understand definition of PR
  • On native advertising
  • The changing face of media, and how we should react to it
  • Creating a consistent PR system for your company
  • Developing relationships with reporters
  • Becoming a reporter’s go-to source
  • Why all news is not good news
  • The wrong and right way to approach a reporter
  • Tips for networking at events
  • The highest ROI activities for a startup’s PR
  • Joining in on an ongoing news cycle
  • How to start off a relationship and become an expert resource
  • Is it ok to spend 2 hours per day on PR?
  • Creating a feed of news stories to learn about the current trends
  • Using Twitter lists to engage with journalists
  • Best practices for following up with journalists for edits
  • How to provide all relevant information to a reporter
  • A ‘dirty little secret’ about how reporters write
  • Do you need to learn PR terminology to be successful?
  • On disclosing revenue
  • Differing tactics for differing business types
  • Getting your team all on the same page for press interviews
  • When should a company consider engaging a PR agency?

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