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Since its founding, Process Street has enabled thousands of companies of all sizes to implement processes that are consistent, effective, and efficient.

Along the way we’ve worked with many large and growing organizations and have come to understand the unique challenges they face with process management. Over time, we’ve also realized our unique ability to help customers attack and overcome these challenges. 

Today, I’m pleased to announce our official launch of Process Street for Enterprise, a new plan that combines the intuitive, no-code tools our users already love with scalability, security, and services to supercharge process management for larger organizations.

In this post, I’ll briefly discuss some of the most common challenges of process management that our larger customers face and then introduce the key solutions and services that will make those obstacles far more manageable, including brand new releases like our enhanced API and SCIM provisioning. 

Modern process management is more critical for enterprises today than ever before

While process management is a fundamental part of the day-to-day operations at larger companies, it can quickly get complex: you have stakeholders across teams, all with their own responsibilities, goals, data visibility, and tools (many of which have been deployed by IT and are non-negotiable). You might even encounter all of that within your own department!

With so many people and systems involved, your process documents can quickly lose value as conditions change, and people come and go. When the teams in your organization become less unified around processes, you increasingly face slowdowns, mistakes, and missed opportunities.

All of this can happen under normal working conditions, but as we all know, the last couple of years have been anything but normal. You might work at a company that rapidly shifted to remote or hybrid work and has since made the change permanent. And you might have seen an unprecedented number of colleagues leave for new opportunities, leading to hiring surges or massive reorganizations. In the face of such fundamental changes, status quo approaches to process management are no longer sustainable, and it shouldn’t fall on heroic measures by process owners like you to keep things moving forward. 

Process Street has already made a transformational impact on how many of you manage recurring work, but to help you take things to the next level, we first had to raise our own game. 

Enter Process Street for Enterprise.

Scale up your workflows with confidence

At large companies, there’s an ever-present push to scale up your processes and drive more impact. Process Street for Enterprise removes the friction of expanding your processes to include additional tools and greater numbers of participants. 

First, you get unlimited access to our most powerful automation features, to maximize process scalability & eliminate redundant manual work. 

That includes all of our native integrations and our API, which means you can fully connect and automate your processes with your internal systems as well as the tools you’re already using. Out-of-the-box integrations with popular apps like Salesforce, DocuSign, Jira, and Workday provide maximal ease of use and are only available on the Enterprise plan. Our newly enhanced API offers the flexibility to build powerful custom connections with your tech stack that programmatically create and update your workflow runs.

When it comes to reporting on processes, many of our larger customers have told us that they want to combine Process Street data with the data from other tools so they can perform and share more advanced analytics across their organization. We heard the message loud and clear and now offer custom reporting and data visualization through streamlined connections to popular warehousing and BI tools like Snowflake, RedShift, PowerBI, and Tableau. 

With large companies increasingly distributed across many locations, tools like Slack are becoming the primary communication channel for many teams. Our Slack app brings all of your workflows and tasks right to where you talk about work. I’m excited to share that the app now supports all Slack plans including Enterprise Grid, so you can seamlessly act on your workflows in any of your Slack workspaces. All that’s left to do now is find the right celebratory emoji! Our product team also has something in the works for those of you who don’t use Slack, so stay tuned!

We also now offer SCIM 2.0 user provisioning to synchronize Process Street users and groups with your identity management tool. This one’s a big deal if you’re currently spending a lot of time adding and removing users manually and would like a way to scale up that process. 

Finally, as an enterprise customer, you’ll never hit a cap on the number of users who can participate in your workflows. Flexible plan size is important when you need to assign tasks or collect information from a large number of customers, partners, or colleagues across your company.

Protect your data and processes with enterprise-grade security

Implementing robust security protocols for all of our customers is one of our top priorities, and I’m pleased to announce that Process Street is now SOC 2, Type 2 compliant — an important attestation of our commitment to data security, availability, and privacy. 

Identity management becomes more challenging as your company grows, though, so Process Street for Enterprise offers multiple enhanced user authentication options. You can implement SAML 2.0 single sign-on for your team or use our Active Directory integration to manage authentication with Azure AD or AD Federation Services.

We also realize that some larger organizations require more granular access controls than what is needed by our typical customer. In addition to the role-based permissioning for folders, workflows, and workflow runs already available to all customers, you have the option as an enterprise customer to customize comment and link sharing permissions for your team.

To learn more about Process Street’s security protocols, you can always reach out to [email protected].

Partner with our experts to achieve greater successes

When you become an enterprise customer of Process Street, you also get priority access to our world-class services team. 

Every enterprise customer has a dedicated customer success manager who will partner with you at each stage, beginning with personalized implementation and training for your team. We’ll help you to identify and hit key performance metrics, set up integrations, and answer any questions along the way. In addition to your CSM, you’ll also get priority email, chat, and phone support with our support team.

For enterprise customers seeking more hands-on assistance to optimize your processes, we offer 1:1 workflow design consulting with our experts. You can even have our team fully manage your workflows and reports.

Let’s get to work

Process Street for Enterprise is an important milestone for us, and we’re excited to see what our large and growing customers achieve moving forward. 

If you’re a current Process Street user and would like to learn more about the Enterprise plan, reach out to your CSM or account manager. 
If you’re new to Process Street — welcome! — I encourage you to schedule time with our sales team to discuss your specific process challenges and goals.

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Vinay Patankar

CEO and Co-Founder of Process Street. Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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