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Process Street is a game-changer for high-performing customer-facing teams, offering consistent service quality, hassle-free integration, and improved customer satisfaction.

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With Process Street, you're investing in a strategy to enhance customer satisfaction while optimizing business operations!

Enhance customer experience with automation

Simplify the onboarding process using our Customer Service Automation, ensuring a smooth, hassle-free transition for all new customers.

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Win hearts and minds consistently

Use our robust Customer Success Software to optimize retention strategies, fostering lasting relationships that drive growth.

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Unify your toolkit

Seamlessly integrate Process Street with your preferred tools, meeting all your customer support automation needs.

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Get real time insight at a glance

Gain valuable insights into customer operations through real-time reports and analytics, enabling swift and informed process iteration.

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Automate routine focus elsewhere

Reclaim your precious time with Customer Support Automation. Automate mundane tasks and concentrate more on delivering exceptional experiences to your customers.

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Deliver stellar service every time

Utilize our advanced automation features to eliminate variance in service delivery. Ensure every customer receives the same high standard of service each time they interact with your business.

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Common use cases
Customer Onboarding
Establish standardized onboarding workflows that facilitate a faster time-to-implementation for new customers.

A disjointed and manual onboarding process often leaves new customers confused and dissatisfied, impacting their long-term relationship with the brand.

Process Street Solution

With Workflows, the customer onboarding process can be automated, creating a seamless, efficient experience that leaves new customers feeling valued and supported.

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Support Management
Customer Check-Ins
Customer Upselling/Cross-selling
Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Popular templates

Client Onboarding
  1. 1. Select client package options
  2. 2. Send new client questionnaire
  3. 3. Email the contract for review and signing
Churn Management
  1. 1. Ensure CS availability during peak times
  2. 2. Respond to negative reviews immediately
  3. 3. Review social media triage flow
Client Relationship Manager Onboarding
1. Familiarize with company's CRM software
2. Train on resolving client issues and complaints
3. Discuss client feedback loop process
SLA Management
  1. 1. Specify the objectives of the agreement
  2. 2. Confirm performance review protocols
  3. 3. Review current service requirements
Quality Assurance Audit
  1. 1. Confirm customer verification procedure followed
  2. 2. Evaluate agent's problem-solving ability
  3. 3. Verify agent has followed all legal regulations
Customer Service Training
  1. 1. Learn the company's mission
  2. 2. List key customer service qualities
  3. 3. Understand saved replies
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“With Process Street we've been able to bring documentation to life…allowing use to adapt processes quickly, improve governance and achieve consistent results”
Linda White
Head of Technology Services and Lease Administration Colliers International
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Alex Hauer
Alex Hauer
Senior Success Consultant, Salesforce
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"It was the right choice for us"
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Chelsea Lynch
Chelsea Lynch
Manager of CS operations, Bentobox
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