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Designed to be flexible for finance professionals who understand their unique challenges best.

Cut through the clutter with finance automation

Say goodbye to chaotic, disorganized work. Process Street offers streamlined process management designed to keep your finance team organized, efficient, and on the same page.

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Rise above regulations ensuring compliance made easy

With our robust tracking capabilities, workflows, and Process AI ensure that every operation meets industry standards and regulatory requirements.

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Drive efficiency with process automation and AI

Automate repetitive tasks and reduce manual workloads with Finance AI Tasks and our advanced workflow automation features. Dedicate your finance team's time to strategic work rather than being tied down in routine tasks.

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Keeping it together integrations for better workflow

Process Street integrates seamlessly with your existing finance software making data transfer smooth and error-free.

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Security and ease in managing financial data

Our platform is built with stringent security protocols to protect sensitive financial information while ensuring easy access for authorized users.

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Breeze through onboarding and training

Introduce new hires to your processes effortlessly with detailed process documentation that's easy to follow - reducing errors and speeding up training time.

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Command visibility and control in Finance

Identify bottlenecks, measure performance, and drive continuous improvement in your financial processes.

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Common use cases
Budgeting and Forecasting
Optimizing financial planning and decision-making through strategic budget allocation and accurate predictive analysis.

Manually collecting and analyzing data for budgeting and forecasting can be time-consuming and lead to inaccuracies, impacting financial planning.

Process Street Solution

Workflows automate the data collection and analysis process for budgeting and forecasting, leading to accurate, timely financial planning.

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Financial Reporting
Invoice Management
Expense Approval
Financial Audits

Popular templates

Budget Preparation
  1. 1. Review the most recent budget
  2. 2. List all department expenses
  3. 3. Request approval from top management
Business Tax Preparation Process
  1. 1. Collect copies of federal and state tax returns
  2. 2. Calculate year end balance sheets
  3. 3. Schedule meeting with your tax advisor/accountant
Expense Management Process
1. Add to department expense account
2. Approve or reject the expense claim
3. Send to HR manager to reimburse on next pay check
Annual Financial Report Preparation
  1. 1. Contact accounting department for financial statements
  2. 2. Confirm all figures are correct
  3. 3. Enter the company's strategic plan
Income (Profit and Loss) Statement Process
  1. 1. Calculate total revenue
  2. 2. Calculate net income
  3. 3. Consult previous year's report for retained earnings (RE)
Purchase Order Process
  1. 1. Create the purchase requisition
  2. 2. Send details to the receiving department
  3. 3. File the purchase order for internal records
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