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Simplify multifaceted tasks into automated, repeatable workflows with our property management workflow tool.

Ensure compliance with property management automation

No more compliance headaches! Ensure a consistent, compliant approach across your diverse portfolio with our commercial property management software. Streamline property inspections, lease compliance, or maintenance requests.

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Track progress in real time

Eliminate guesswork with real-time progress tracking! Gain an overview of your entire operation with powerful tracking and reporting tools that provide total transparency and full visibility.

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Improve communication and satisfaction

Overcome communication hurdles by keeping team members informed. Our Property Management Organization Tools ensure important details are never missed and tenant satisfaction is prioritized.

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Eliminate guesswork with real time progress tracking

Gain a real-time overview of your entire operation with our powerful tracking and reporting tools that provide total transparency and full visibility.

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Boost tenant satisfaction by tackling upkeep challenges

Manage property maintenance effectively using detailed checklists, tasks, and reminders. Enhance property upkeep and tenant satisfaction by leveraging the robust features of our Commercial Property Management Workflow Software.

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Scale seamlessly as your portfolio grows

Process Street is built to grow with you. Whether you're managing a handful or hundreds of properties, our commercial property management software scales seamlessly to support your business at every step of its growth trajectory.

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Navigate easily with user-friendly interface

Steer clear of complicated software interfaces! Process Street is designed to be user-friendly for easy navigation. Minimal training is required for quicker onboarding and immediate impact.

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Common use cases
Tenant Onboarding
Simplifying the move-in process for a seamless experience.

The process of onboarding new tenants is often manual and time-consuming, involving sharing documentation, scheduling property walkthroughs, and processing initial payments. This can lead to errors and delays, impacting tenant satisfaction.

Process Street Solution

Workflows can be used to automate the entire tenant onboarding process, ensuring that all necessary tasks are carried out efficiently and effectively, leading to increased tenant satisfaction.

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Maintenance Request Processing
Lease Renewal
Property Inspections
Vendor Management

Popular templates

Landlord Onboarding
1. Obtain property ownership documentation
2. List the Property on Different Platforms
3. Review the terms of payment of rental income
Property Manager Onboarding
  1. 1. Review of property portfolio
  2. 2. Training on tenant screening process
  3. 3. Set up access to all necessary systems
Tenant Eviction Process
  1. 1. Send Owner Notice of Eviction
  2. 2. Determine if Court Proceedings are Necessary
  3. 3. Oversee the Tenant Move Out
End of Lease- Cleaning Guide
  1. 1. Remove all personal items
  2. 2. Clean and disinfect countertops
  3. 3. Clean the carpets professionally
HOA Property Maintenance
  1. 1. Inspect the foundations & walls
  2. 2. Provide a summary of exterior inspection
  3. 3. Put together a maintenance report
Tenant Move-Out Checklist For Landlords
  1. 1. Gather documents from move-in inspection
  2. 2. Assess condition of the property
  3. 3. Obtain a forwarding address
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