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Top 5 Business Automation Companies to Watch 

Business automation companies are becoming increasingly important tools for organizations to have in order to remain competitive.

Automating business processes is not as complicated as most think now because of all the tools available on the market. 

But why is business process automation so important? And which services are the best?

Well, lucky for you, I’m somewhat of an expert in the field, considering I work at a business automation company. Allow me to guide you through!

What are business automation companies?

Simply put, business automation companies are services that provide business process automation.

Business automation companies are organizations that offer products and services designed to automate various aspects of a business’s operations. They aim to streamline processes, reduce manual tasks, increase efficiency, and improve accuracy by using technology to handle repetitive or routine tasks. This often involves using software, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other digital tools and systems.

These companies provide solutions that range from simple task automation to complex process automation. They serve a variety of business functions, including but not limited to:

  • Sales and Marketing: They provide tools for automating email campaigns, social media posts, customer segmentation, lead scoring, etc.
  • Customer Service: They offer solutions such as chatbots and virtual assistants that can handle customer inquiries and provide customer support.
  • Finance and Accounting: These solutions automate tasks like invoicing, expense tracking, payroll processing, and more.
  • Human Resources: They provide tools for automating recruitment processes, onboarding, benefits administration, performance reviews, etc.
  • Supply Chain and Logistics: They offer solutions that automate inventory management, order processing, tracking, etc.
  • IT Operations: These solutions automate system monitoring, issue tracking, and other IT processes.
  • Data Management: They provide tools that automate data gathering, cleaning, integration, analysis, etc.

Examples of business automation companies include UiPath, Automation Anywhere, Workato, and Blue Prism. These companies not only provide the tools for automation but often also offer consulting and implementation services to help businesses adopt these tools and train their staff to use them effectively. The ultimate goal of these companies is to help other businesses improve their productivity, reduce costs, and enhance overall efficiency.

Benefits of business automation companies

Business automation companies offer numerous benefits to organizations across different industries and functional areas. Here are some key advantages:

Increased efficiency 

Business automation eliminates manual, repetitive tasks, allowing employees to focus on more valuable and strategic activities. By streamlining processes, businesses can reduce errors, eliminate bottlenecks, and achieve higher levels of efficiency and productivity.

Cost savings 

It helps cut costs in several ways. When businesses reduce manual labor, they can save on staffing expenses. Automation also minimizes errors and rework, leading to cost savings associated with rectifying mistakes. 

Scalability and flexibility 

Business automation companies allow businesses to scale their operations quickly and adapt to changing demands. With automated processes in place, organizations can handle increased volumes without significantly increasing resources. 

Additionally, automation offers flexibility to accommodate business growth, expansion into new markets, or the addition of new product lines.

Data-driven decision-making 

Business automation generates valuable insights and reports by analyzing large volumes of data. Companies can leverage these insights to make data-driven decisions, identify trends, spot opportunities, and optimize operations. 

Data analytics and reporting automation provide a competitive advantage in today’s data-driven business landscape.

Improved collaboration and communication

Automation streamlines workflows, making it easier for teams to collaborate and communicate effectively. Businesses can improve collaboration, reduce communication gaps, and enhance overall productivity by automating tasks such as document sharing and team coordination

Compliance and risk management 

It helps businesses ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and internal policies. By automating processes and workflows, organizations can enforce standardized procedures, maintain audit trails, and reduce the risk of non-compliance or errors.

What to look for in business automation companies

When checking out business automation companies, it is crucial to consider several factors to ensure you select the right solution that meets your organization’s needs. Here are some key aspects to look for:

Business requirements

Begin by clearly defining your organization’s specific automation requirements. Identify the pain points, bottlenecks, and areas that need improvement. Understand the processes and tasks that would benefit from automation. This will help you align the automation company with your business objectives and ensure a better fit.

Ease of use and user interface 

An intuitive and user-friendly interface is essential for the successful adoption and utilization of the automation company. Consider the ease of implementation, user training requirements, and the overall usability of the solution. A well-designed interface can significantly improve user adoption rates and reduce the learning curve.

Integration capabilities 

Evaluate the compatibility and integration capabilities of the automation company with your existing systems and software. Seamless integration with platforms like Salesforce and Zapier eliminates manual data entry and allows for efficient end-to-end automation.

Customization and configuration 

Assess the level of customization and configuration options provided by the business automation solution. Every company has unique processes, and it should be flexible enough to accommodate those needs. Look for companies that offer customization without excessive complexity or reliance on technical expertise.

Training and support 

Look at the training and support resources provided by the business automation company. Consider the availability of training materials, documentation, user forums, and customer support channels. Adequate training and support can facilitate a smooth implementation and ensure users can maximize the benefits of the solution.

Top 5 business automation companies

Here are our top five business automation companies:

Process Street

Process Street is an effective business automation company that helps organizations streamline their operations and improve efficiency. It provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to design and document your business processes. 

You can create structured workflows using drag-and-drop functionality, define tasks, add instructions, attach files, and set due dates. This step involves mapping out your existing processes or designing new ones to optimize your business operations.

Once you’ve designed your processes, they are converted into actionable checklists. Each checklist represents a specific process or workflow. Users can access these checklists and follow step-by-step instructions to complete tasks and ensure adherence to standard procedures. 

Process Street offers automation features that allow you to eliminate manual tasks and streamline your workflows. You can leverage conditional logic to automate actions based on specific conditions or triggers. 

For example, you can automatically assign tasks, send notifications, generate reports, or initiate follow-up processes based on certain criteria. Process Street also integrates with various third-party applications, enabling seamless data exchange and improving connectivity across different software systems.


Asana helps teams and organizations streamline their workflows, improve collaboration, and boost productivity through a range of features designed to automate tasks, enhance project management, and optimize team efficiency. 

It allows you to create projects and break them down into smaller, manageable tasks. You can assign tasks to team members, attach files, and set dependencies. This structured approach helps teams organize their work and ensures clarity on project requirements and deliverables.

Asana offers customizable templates that allow you to create predefined workflows for common business processes. You can create templates for: 

  • Project kickoffs 
  • Client onboarding 
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Any other recurring processes

Asana offers flexibility and customization options to adapt to different team workflows and processes. You can configure project views, task layouts, and notifications based on individual preferences. Its flexibility allows teams to tailor the platform to their specific needs and work in a way that suits them best. is a versatile work management platform that offers extensive automation capabilities, making it an effective business automation company. 

Monday offers a visual and customizable workspace where teams can create boards to manage projects, tasks, and processes. Users can design boards to fit their specific needs and preferences, organizing information in a way that makes sense for their workflows. 

It allows users to automate entire workflows by creating custom automations using its Workflow Builder feature. Users can define the sequence of actions, set triggers and conditions, and automate the flow of information and tasks between different stages or team members. 

It also has a time tracking feature that gives users the ability to record the time spent on tasks and projects. This data can be used for reporting and analysis, providing insights into resource allocation, task duration, and overall project progress.


UiPath is a leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) provider. It offers a powerful, end-to-end platform for automation, combining the leading RPA solution with a suite of capabilities that include process mining and analytics.

Businesses can use UiPath to automate repetitive tasks, which not only increases productivity but also enables employees to focus on higher-value work. Its ease of use, scalability, robust ecosystem of reusable components, and strong commitment to innovation have made it one of the most exciting companies in the business automation landscape.

UiPath is widely recognized for its advanced and comprehensive RPA platform, which is why we included it on this list!


Workato is a cloud-native, enterprise-grade automation platform that allows businesses to create integrations and automations between their various business applications.

It’s known for its user-friendly interface and robust capabilities, enabling both technical and non-technical users to design workflows and automations.

What’s particularly exciting about Workato is its powerful, AI-driven automation that lets users design complex integrations, and its broad selection of pre-built connectors to various business applications.

Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere provides a web-based and cloud-native intelligent automation platform combining RPA, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and analytics.

They have been a major player in the RPA market, offering robust solutions for enterprises to automate business processes.

The platform’s ability to deploy bots across the organization, its user-friendly design, and its strong security measures have made it a popular choice for business automation.

Blue Prism

Blue Prism is a pioneer in the RPA field and offers an end-to-end automation platform, combining RPA with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cognitive technologies. The company’s solutions are well-regarded for their scalability, security, and governance features, making them ideal for large, complex business environments.

Blue Prism is exciting because of its vision of a “digital workforce” where software robots and humans work together to improve efficiency.


Zapier is a forerunner of business automation, and its reputation as a powerful automation tool precedes it.

Widely-used, Zapier connects and automates tasks between web apps. The platform supports thousands of apps, making it very versatile for various business automation needs.

It’s designed to be easy to use, with a drag-and-drop interface that doesn’t require coding knowledge.

This ease of use, coupled with its extensive app support, makes it an exciting choice for businesses looking to automate their workflows.


Slack is a powerful communication and collaboration platform that can also serve as a business automation solution. 

While its primary focus is on enabling efficient team communication, Slack offers various features and integrations that can automate repetitive tasks, enhance productivity, and streamline business processes. 

Slack integrates with numerous third-party applications, such as project management tools, CRM systems, file storage platforms, and more. These integrations enable information and data exchange between different systems, automating workflows and enhancing connectivity. 

For example, you can set up integrations to receive notifications or updates from external tools directly in Slack, eliminating the need to switch between multiple applications.

It also offers built-in workflow automation capabilities through its Workflow Builder tool. With Workflow Builder, you can create custom workflows and automate routine tasks. 

For instance, you can create workflows to automate approvals, gather information through interactive forms, or trigger actions based on specific events or keywords. This automation streamlines processes, reduces manual effort, and ensures consistency.

What to remember about business automation companies

Business automation companies can make a big difference in day-to-day operations, so it’s important to choose the right tool.

Take the time to identify the types of features you want in a business automation company and use that as your base when making a decision.

If you need help, you can book a free demo with Process Street and we can show you how to set up some pretty incredible automations in just a few minutes!

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