How Wodify Uses Process Street to Onboard Employees and Manage Customer Success

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Wodify is a long time customer of Process Street that uses the platform to streamline their employee onboarding and power their customer success program. We spoke to their Product Manager Elli Rego about how they use Process Street in their business.

The Wodify Story

Fitness requires motivation and dedication, both of which are driven by competition and human connection. Thus, gyms need to connect with their members to survive.

Wodify gives gyms the platform they need to do just that.

Wodify Core is a gym management platform that lets owners and coaches quickly deal with their admin to focus on getting the best out of their members.

Schedules can be created and edited on the fly, member attendance is tracked and automatically billed, and everyone’s performance can be monitored and referenced to show just how well their workouts are going.

Competitions can be set up and easily managed with Wodify Arena, letting the fitness community push itself to train harder while live scoring keeps the results tense.

Gyms and their members are performance-driven by nature, and Wodify works to let their customers focus on just that.

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In order to do that, their products need to make management and admin work as quick and painless as possible. Customer support and success are vital, because if Wodify doesn’t work correctly, neither will their clients’ businesses.

Wodify uses Process Street for:

  • Onboarding employees
  • Providing customer support knowledge
  • Documenting processes
  • Providing an internal knowledge base

They’ve benefitted from implementing Process Street by:

  • Halving the hands-on time to onboard employees
  • Giving instant answers to employee questions
  • Freeing up management time to focus on other tasks
  • Keeping their workforce up-to-date on their processes and procedures


Since their founding in 2012, Wodify have handled 4,000 gyms in 90 countries, and have expanded from their office in Philadelphia to set up branches in the Lisbon and London.

Wodify simplifies gym management by giving a central platform from which everything can be easily arranged, edited, recorded, and presented. From admin and billing to schedules and member performance, Wodify handles all of it to take the pressure off of their clients.

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Being such an attractive option, it’s unsurprising to see the success and growth that they have had. However, this same growth brought problems with both their processes and team size.

Employee onboarding involved a month of hand-holding before they were ready to fly solo, which was far too long for Wodify to scale at the rate they wanted to.

Scaling their company also meant that their processes changed drastically over the years. Even experienced employees would struggle to stay up to date on the changes that were made.

So, the problem Wodify faced was twofold. Their new employees took too long to sufficiently onboard, and their rapid success and iteration meant that even veteran employees could be following incorrect or outdated processes.

Wodify needed a way to reduce onboarding time and make sure that their team performed tasks quickly and correctly. Anything less would cause problems and bring the pain of gym management crashing back down on their clients.

Growing their business with Process Street

By documenting their core processes, Wodify were able to create a knowledge base that their employees could reference if they were unsure of how to perform their tasks. This has allowed them to scale while providing the same quality service to their customers in three main ways.

First, by documenting their onboarding and internal training processes they can get new hires up to speed much faster.

We’ll go through training with them once and then everything is living in Process Street, so if they ever need to reference that they can just pull up the process, run through it, and it’s a lot easier for us to manage.

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Second, as long as employees follow their processes they will never be using an out-of-date method. Although Elli acknowledged that “our processes have changed so much because our company’s growing”, the Wodify team know that every task is completed correctly thanks to Process Street.

Third, they can rest easy in the knowledge that, even with an extended team, their customer support is as accurate and consistent as possible. Knowing that their products have almost limitless use cases across the thousands of gyms they help to manage, Wodify created a process to follow when creating bug reports to pass on to their dev team.

This means that, no matter who encounters or receives reports of the bug, the dev team will always have enough information to get to the root of the problem quickly.

One example I could give you is we use Zendesk for our support tickets. We’ve been creating bugs in there to send to our dev team – we have a whole process on that… we’re always referencing Process Street for that, so it makes it a lot easier for us in that aspect.

“[Before Process Street] we would probably hold our new employee’s hands for a good month… But now we’ll show them something for two weeks and then we’re able to throw them into things.”


Onboarding was a big focus for Wodify when scaling their team, and so we asked how Process Street affected their hiring.

Elli told us that, before Process Street, “we would probably hold our new employee’s hands for a good month… But now we’ll show them something for two weeks and then we’re able to throw them into things.

In other words, their onboarding cycle was halved.

Beyond that, having Process Street as a kind of internal knowledge base allows their senior employees and management get on with their tasks instead of having to answer questions.

I think it makes the job for management a lot easier. They don’t have their team annoying them with questions as often because we always have Process Street as a reference. So, for the little things we might forget here and there we can just reference Process Street and not annoy our manager or go over and talk to them, so it makes everything a little bit more streamlined.

Taking it to the next level

The time that Wodify’s management saves by using Process Street gives them more freedom to improve and expand their business.

With the release of Wodify Rise (a program focusing on creating fitness and nutritional challenges), it’s obvious that they want to help engage the fitness community as a whole, rather than just being a gym management platform.

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This means that they need to be able to quickly review what their teams have been doing, whether they have been completing their tasks correctly, and whether their processes are actually being followed.

They plan on doing this by using Process Street’s template overview feature, which allows users (particularly managers) to see an overview of all of the checklists run from a particular template.

We’re looking forward to what Wodify does next by saving even more time and effort with Process Street!

“Everything is living in Process Street… and it’s a lot easier for us to manage”

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