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From Marx to Microsoft: The Origins of Flat Design and How It Was Almost Ruined

flat design

Help me. I’m on a laptop running Windows 8 right now.

Like many others, I hate it and think it’s the worst operating system since the not-so-distant Vista.

If I didn’t have to use it, I might be able to appreciate for a second that Microsoft made a bold design decision that actually ended up being influential.

Microsoft’s Metro design language was one of the first instances of flat design in technology and it came in the least likely form: a terrible mp3 player nobody bought apart from this one kid at my school. The short-lived Zune.
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Why you Need to Capture Leads on Your Company Website

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If you run a website for a purpose, like a small business website or blog (see also: how to set up your company blog in 5 min), where the purpose is to drive more sales or educate your customers, ultimately resulting in higher profits, you MUST be focused on capturing leads for your website.

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