How to Systemize the Creative Process to Consistently Create Amazing Content

In this episode of the Business Systems Explored podcast, Tony Brown the author of Standard Procedure and Vinay Patankar from Process Street, talk about systemizing the processes and creating top content as well as explaining why content is so important to a company.

BSE 013 Systemizing the creative process

Ever wondered how small businesses can consistently create such amazing content? At Process Street, we produce at least 6 posts per week — some on our own blog and some as guest posts.

That’s not even including the podcasts and videos, which both come out weekly and are mediums that take considerably longer to write, design, produce, and polish.

So, how do we do it?

In this episode of Business Systems Explored we decided to take a break from having guests on and totally rip apart our content creation process for Process Street, BSE, and

We talk about why content is important, whether you should create it yourself, and the kinds of content that are most effective. By following these tips, you can balance content creation with your other business functions and get the added bonus of that rare thing called a personal life.

Here’s how to consistently create winning content.

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Show notes

  • Should you focus on creating content yourself?
  • Managing content creation with a process mindset
  • Why content is the most powerful marketing tool
  • … and why it’s the most scalable strategy
  • Why ‘Friends’ is an ode to the power of content
  • The different kinds of epic content, and the ways you can repurpose them
  • Developing a system for content creation
  • Content creation for solopreneurs
  • Using content as a product, and monetizing your blog
  • … or using content as a way to market a product
  • Is it ok to build an audience before you know what you’re doing with it?
  • What kind of content should you focus on?
  • Why you should keep editing out of the creation process
  • The one thing that makes it hardest for you to outsource a task
  • Exploiting anything that doesn’t make you uncomfortable
  • Not bothering with a green screen
  • Process Street’s EXACT content creation process
  • How to manage content with Trello lists
  • Reducing the amount of decisions to be made when creating content
  • The easiest way to create a content calendar (collaboratively, and for free)
  • Getting a backlog by scheduling posts far in advance
  • Daily standup with the content team
  • Writing and editing content in 3 bursts
  • Using a pre-publish checklist to check for mistakes and optimize your content
  • Using Evernote voice notes effectively to draft blog posts
  • The importance of using an inbox on the go
  • Tony’s simple Evernote tagging system
  • The distraction-free way to get the most out of Evernote
  • The different Trello boards that run our podcast
  • Using Process Street to manage and run your podcast production process
  • How Tony uses a 59-point checklist to manage the lifecycle of every podcast episode
  • The safest way to record conversations for podcasts with no gaps or drop-outs
  • Vinay’s system for training audio and video editors to make quick iterations
  • Future-proofing your systems with detailed screencasts
  • Setting up a system so you never miss content deadlines
  • How big banks are killing it at content marketing
  • Uploading your processes to the cloud

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