Kate Erickson on Niche Marketing, Content Creation and Managing a Virtual Team

In this episode of Business Systems Explored we speak to Kate Erickson of the fantastic Entrepreneur on Fire.


Kate’s talking to us about how her content helped propel EOFire to one of the biggest podcasts ever made, and how she’s about to do it all over again with her new blog, Kate’s Take. Kate lets us in on her marketing processes for creating high quality, actionable resources and how she makes damn well sure these resources are a perfect market fit.

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“If you don’t have something you can measure, you don’t know if you’re moving the needle with your content.” (tweet this)

Show notes

  • The first thing you need to do if you want to become a content creator
  • Why there’s a big difference between your blog and podcast audiences
  • How Kate figured out she wasn’t writing for the right person at all
  • The rough and easy way to set up a basic content audit
  • The system Kate uses to decide which content format is the best fit for her audience
  • Testing out the best hook for your audience and then scaling it
  • How Kate created 5 blog posts from one gym selfie
  • Why being a community manager is a way to create awesome content for your audience
  • The way Kate keeps track of the major overhauls that need to happen in her business
  • Kate’s process for creating highly detailed show notes for her audio blogs
  • The ‘not super-best-practice’ way to make sure you never run out of ideas for content
  • How Kate manages her time to write 4 posts in a day
  • How to keep up with a bustling online community on a tight schedule
  • The very specific roles of Kate’s virtual team members and the exact tools she uses to manage them
  • How Slack makes Skype useless, and some quick Slack tips from Vinay
  • How to connect almost any two apps together
  • The app Kate uses to track every minute of her day

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