How Do I Assign People to Templates?

You can assign both users and groups to templates.

How to assign a user or group to a template

To assign a user or group to a template you need to be viewing the template menu. Do this by clicking the cog next to a template‘s name.

click template cog

Once the template menu is open, click the ‘Share Template’ button to view the template sharing options.

click share template from right hand menu

Now just search the name or email address of the user or group you want to assign to the template in the permissions tab, then click their (or the group’s) name.

list of available assignees and groups

You can also invite someone to your organization as a guest (and assign them to the template) by entering their email address into this field and checking the ‘Invite as Guest’ box.

click guest box

You can control the permission level of the user or group by selecting ‘can view’, ‘can view own’, or ‘can edit’ from the drop down beside the user or group’s name. Guests can only have ‘can view own’ permissions on a template.

template permission levels

Removing an assigned user or group from a template

To remove a user or group from a checklist, click the ‘x’ next to the user or group’s name.

click x next to user or group name to remove

To learn more, see our help articles on templates, and template permissions.

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