How Do I Delete Templates?

Perhaps you downloaded a premade template that you decided not to use, or you have too many versions of a template and you want to remove the old ones that you’re no longer using.

You can remove a template from your account by either archiving it or deleting it.

Even if you delete a template, it’s not necessarily gone for good. If a template has been deleted by accident you can always restore it.

Users: In order to delete or restore a template, you must be an Administrator. If you can’t see the delete button, ask your Administrator for help, or consider archiving a template instead.

How to delete a template

To delete a template, first click the three dots next to the template’s name. Next, click the “More options” button from the right-hand menu.

Click on “Delete this template” (which only Administrators will see) and then confirm your decision by clicking the “Delete” button.

If you just deleted this template by accident, click “Undo” from the flash notification at the top of your screen, shown above.

If you would like to remove a template from your template dashboard without deleting it, you can archive it instead.

If you accidentally deleted a template and want it back, or another user deleted a template, you can restore it.


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