What is a Full Member?

Full Members are users that you can add to your Process Street organization to collaborate with you on Workflows, Workflow Runs and Pages.

They can be added to groups, pre-assigned to tasks in workflows and scheduled workflow runs, and can be granted permission to edit and run your workflows.

Users: To invite Full Members you must be an Administrator. 

Plans: You can invite Full Members to Free, Pro and Enterprise plans

What can full members do?


Full members can “view” company documentation, policies and procedures stored in your Pages.

If you grant them “edit” permission they can also create, edit, share and archive Pages.

Only admins can restore deleted pages.

Workflows, workflow runs and tasks

Full Members can also access workflows, workflow runs and tasks within workflow runs.

You can choose to grant them one of four different permission levels, giving you granular control over who can edit, run or view your workflows or tasks you have assigned to them.

  1. Edit” is the highest level of folder/workflow-specific permissions. It is reserved for members who have permission to create or edit workflows, for example, managers or team leaders. They can also run workflows and view all workflow runs
  2. View All” is the default member permission level and is enough for all members except those who actually need to create or edit workflows. They can also run workflows and view all workflow runs
  3. Run” restricts a member’s access to certain areas. They can run workflows but only see workflow runs they’ve been assigned to
  4. View” is the lowest member permission level. It would be useful for situations when users don’t need to see each other’s workflow runs, for example with HR processes that include sensitive data — HR staff can see everything while regular employees can only view workflow runs they’ve been assigned to

Are there any limits for the number of full members?

On the Free plan, you can have a maximum of 5 Full Members (but you can add as many Free Members as you like). If you need more than 5 Full Members, you can upgrade to the Pro plan.

On the Pro plan, you pay for a minimum of 5 Full Members (and then you can add as many additional Full or Free Members as you need). From the 6th Full Member onwards, you will pay pro-rata for them based on your monthly or yearly subscription rate.

How to invite full members

You can invite full members from your organization’s users page. 

To open your organization manager, click your profile picture in the upper right corner of your screen, then click “Settings“. You will be taken straight to your “Members & Guests” tab.

Type their email address in the field provided and then click “Invite” as shown above.

You’ll receive a flash notification at the top of your screen to confirm that their invite has been sent.

Promote or demote a full member

To promote a full member to an admin or to demote them to a free member, click the dropdown next to their name and make your selection.

You should only promote someone to an admin if you are happy for them to have full access to your organization and billing.

Remove a full member

A full member can be removed from your organization entirely (and any workflow runs or tasks they are assigned to) using the remove user icon shown below.

Learn more about creating and using Pages, workflows and workflow runs.

Reach out to our Process Pros team if you have any questions or need any additional support.


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