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Your Library is the place where you can create, view and manage all of your Workflows, Pages and Forms in one place.

You can store your work in folders to help keep everything organized, grant other users access to them or restrict access where needed.

Users: Admins, Members and Guests (Internal) have access to the Library.

Levels of access to your library

Different members of your team may need different levels of access to your library.

What they can see and do will depend on their user type and the level of permission you have granted them on your folders, Pages, Forms, Workflows, Workflow runs or tasks.

Admins and Members with “edit” or “view all” permission levels, can view everything in your library.

Members with “run” or view” permissions, and any Guests (Internal) can only access the folders, pages or Workflows you have granted them access to. The library is not available for Guests (External).

Each user with access to Library also has their own Private Library, where they can create Workflows and Pages in private, before publishing them to your organization library.

How to use your Library

Inside your Library you can:

Let’s take a look at some of the features and functions within your library. First, navigate there via the button at the top of your screen.

Create Workflows

Click the “New” button in the top right of your screen and click “Workflow” to start a Workflow from scratch.

Click the “New” button and select “Workflow from Template” to open up the gallery where you can select from hundreds of premade Workflow templates.

Create Forms

Click the “New” button in the top right of your screen and click “Form“. This creates a new Form that you can custom-create.

Create Pages

Click the “New” button in the top right of your screen and click “Page“. This creates a new Page ready for you to work on.

Create folders

To keep your Workflows and Pages organized, you can create folders and move items into them.

To create a new folder, click on the “New” button in the top right corner of your library and click “Folder“. Give your folder a name and click “Create” to finish.

If you already have some folders created, you can select which folder you’d like to add your new folder to or click “Create” to add it to your library home view.

Manage folders

Once you have created all the folders you need, you can manage them or assign users to them, by clicking the cog next to each folder’s name.

Keep your Workflows and Pages organized by moving them into your folders.

View Workflow runs

To view any of your Workflow runs, click the play icon next to each Workflow’s name (or next to each folder’s name).

These links will take you into your Reports in a filtered view for those particular Workflow runs.


To create or manage scheduled or recurring Workflow runs, click on the “Scheduled” button from the left-hand menu.

Learn more about scheduling Workflow runs.

Workflow and Page tags

Tags act like shortcuts to your favorite Workflows or pages, effectively grouping them together outside of any folders they may live in.

Learn more about tagging Workflows and tagging Pages.

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