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What’s the Difference Between a Guest and a Member?

What’s the Difference Between a Guest and a Member?

Updated July 5, 2023

Process Street has a number of different user levels that you can choose from, which determines what access or permissions each one has inside your organization.

There are 2 key types of “users” in Process Street.

This table helps explain the main differences:

members vs guests

If you’d like users to have access to Pages, consider promoting your Guest (External) to Guest (Internal).


Admins have access to everything, at all times regardless of any permission levels that you set.

Members can have full access to Process Street. They can be given access to specific folders, edit workflows, and run workflows as desired, based on the permissions you set for them. You can choose between four different member permission levels to give you granular control over your processes. They also have access to Pages.

Guests (Internal) have more limited access to Process Street than members. They can be assigned to active workflow runs and tasks. They also have access to Pages.

Guests (External) have very limited access and can only see and interact with workflow runs they are assigned to, including checking tasks off, commenting, and adding attachments. Guests are a great way to bring outside people (such as clients, customers, or freelancers) into work on a single workflow run or task, without giving them full access to your Process Street organization. Guests (External) do not have access to Pages.

Guests (Anonymous) are those who work outside your team, with whom you might share workflow runs or tasks on occasion.

Learn more about access and permissions levels for the different types of users in Process Street.


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