Email Widget Troubleshooting

The Email Widget allows you to pre-populate emails into a template that can be sent from within an active checklist.

If your ‘send email’ widget isn’t working properly, you’ll want to double check that you are not facing one of these issues.

Your default mail client is set incorrectly

Mail clients such as Outlook, Mail, and Thunderbird work properly with our email widget.

If you’re using Gmail, you’ll have to set your default mail client to Gmail if it hasn’t already been set.

First, you’ll want to navigate to your search bar while using Gmail. You’ll want to click on the diamond shown below.

After clicking on the diamond, select ‘allow’ to allow to open all email links.

Lastly, navigate to your ‘Handlers’ settings in Chrome to ensure is listed at the default.

Find more detailed instructions on making Gmail your default mail client in Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

You’ve exceeded the character limit

Another common issue with the email widget is that you’ve exceeded the character limit for your default mail client.

Mail clients have between a 1000 and 2000 word character limit (depending on the client). If your email widget contains a lot of text, try shortening your email.

Here’s a great example of a pre-populated email that is within the character limits:

If you need an email with more characters you can use Zapier, which has zero character limitations. Learn more about Zapier email integrations.


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