Freshdesk + Process Street Integration

Integrate with Freshdesk

You can integrate Freshdesk with Process Street using Zapier.

When you receive a new customer ticket in Freshdesk, a customer support checklist with the customer’s data pushed in will be automatically created in Process Street. This means you can serve your customers in a better, systematized manner.

Use case:

  • A company uses Freshdesk to manage customers and customer conversations
  • The company also use Process Street to manage their workflows
  • They want each customer ticket to trigger the creation of a Process Street customer support ticket checklist. They also want the customer’s data (name, subject, email, ticket URL, and query) to be pushed into the checklists

Process overview:

  • We will create a Zap in Zapier
  • The Zap’s trigger will be when a new customer support ticket comes in on Freshdesk
  • The Zap’s action will be the creation of a customer support ticket tied to that ticket, with the customer’s relevant data pushed in

Let’s make the Zap.

Creating the Zap in Zapier

The tool we’ll be using to integrate Freshdesk and Process Street together is Zapier.

Zapier connects over 1,000 apps with each other so you can automate tasks and save time. The automations created with Zapier are known as “Zaps”.

Sign up or sign into Zapier and click the “Map a Zap!” button on your dashboard.

Setting up Freshdesk as the trigger

1. Search for and find Freshdesk

Use the search bar in the Zapier Editor to find Freshdesk.

Freshdesk Integration

Click on the Freshdesk icon to select it as the trigger app.

2. Select the Freshdesk trigger

Select the appropriate trigger which, for this use case, is “New Ticket”.

Freshdesk Integration

Click “Continue”.

3. Allow Zapier access to Freshdesk

Now click “Sign in to Freshdesk”.

You’ll be presented with the following popup.

Freshdesk Integration

Add your Freshdesk domain name in the first form field, then your API key in the second.

You can find your API key by clicking on your profile picture in the top right-hand corner of your dashboard, and then clicking on “Profile Settings”.

Once you’ve given Zapier access to Freshdesk, your screen will look similar to the screenshot below.

Freshdesk Integration

Hit “Continue”.

4. Press “Skip Test”

We’ll be using the sample data that’s already been added by Freshdesk.

This means the “Find Data” test can be skipped, and we can continue with setting up the second half of the Zap.

Freshdesk Integration

Setting up Process Street as the action

1. Search and find Process Street

Use the search bar in the Zapier Editor to find Process Street.

Freshdesk Intergration

Click on the Process Street icon to select it as the action app.

2. Select the Process Street action

For this use case, the appropriate action to choose from the dropdown is “Create Checklist”.

Freshdesk Integration

Once chosen, hit “Continue”.

3. Allow Zapier access to Process Street

Press the “Sign in to Process Street” button.

You’ll then see the following popup.

Freshdesk Integration

To find your API key, click on your organization’s name in the top right-hand corner of the Process Street dashboard. Then, click “Integrations”.

Press “New API Key” if you don’t have an API key yet. Then copy and paste the key into the Zapier popup.

After, your screen should look similar to the screenshot below.

Freshdesk Integration

Hit “Continue”.

4. Choose the data you want to be transferred

For this next part, you’ll be choosing the customer data that’s transferred from Freshdesk to the automatically-created Process Street checklists.

Freshdesk Integration

First, select “Customer Support Process Checklist” as the Template.

(The pre-made customer support process checklist template must already be added to your account for it to appear on the dropdown. You can add the pre-made template via the embed below.)

Then, for Checklist Name, choose “Request Name” and “Subject” from the dropdown. I’ve included a “|” character to help separate the information.

Scroll down to User Email and add “Request Email” from the dropdown.

For Conversation URL (if you’re using Freshdesk rather than Intercom, remember to edit the template to reflect this!) choose “Portal URL”.

Finally, for Ticket Body add “Description”.

Freshdesk Integration

By doing this, the titles of the checklists will include the submitter’s name and subject. Inside the checklists, the submitter’s email, ticket message, and the link to the ticket in Freshdesk will be included.

5. Send a test checklist to Process Street

This test you don’t want to skip; hit the “Test & Review” button.

Freshdesk Integration

Once it’s been successfully sent, a green popup will appear.

Freshdesk Integration

6. Find the test checklist in Process Street

To double-check the checklists appear how you want them to, go back to your Process Street dashboard where you’ll find the test checklist.

Freshdesk Integration

Once you see the test checklist, click on it.

Freshdesk Integration

You should then see that the data has been successfully pushed through to the form fields of the “Ticket info” task.

7. Go back to Zapier and push the Zap live

Go back to Zapier and press “Done Editing”.

You’ll then be prompted to turn on the Zap. Do so by clicking the blue “Turn Zap On” button.

Freshdesk Integration

The final task is to name the Zap. You can do this by typing in the top left-hand corner of the Zap Editor.

Freshdesk Integration

I’ve chosen the title “Freshdesk + Process Street Ticket Support”, but you can name the Zap what you wish!

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