List of Global Variables

Variables are an easy way of displaying ‘variable’ information that is unique to each checklist run from a template.

Every template contains a default set of variables called global variables, along with variables that represent any form fields you have added to that specific template.

Global variables are automatically generated when a template is created and are consistent across all templates.

Users: In order to create or edit templates, you must be an Administrator or a Member who has been given ‘can edit’ access by your Administrator.

You can find a list of the global variables below.

  • Checklist created by (email) – {{}}
  • Checklist created by (name) – {{}}
  • Checklist created date – {{checklist.created_date}}
  • Checklist due date – {{checklist.due_date.full}}
  • Checklist name – {{}}
  • Checklist URL – {{checklist.url}}
  • Current date – {{current_date.full}}
  • Current day of the month – {{}}
  • Current month – {{current_date.month}}
  • Current user’s email – {{}}
  • Current user’s name – {{}}
  • Current year – {{current_date.year}}
  • Organization name – {{}}
  • Task due date – {{task.due_date.full}}
  • Task name – {{}}
  • Task URL – {{task.url}}
  • Template name – {{}}
  • Template URL – {{template.url}}

Learn more about using variables in our help article, which also includes a video showing you variables in use.


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