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List of Global Variables

List of Global Variables

Updated March 7, 2024

Variables are an easy way of displaying ‘variable’ information that is unique to each workflow run.

Every workflow contains a default set of variables called global variables and Workflow variables, along with variables that represent any form fields you have added to that specific workflow or any Data Set records you have linked with a dropdown form field.

Global variables are generic and pertain to the time when a workflow is run or who’s running it. Workflow variables are specific to details about that workflow run and are consistent across all workflows. Both these sets of variables are automatically generated.

Users: In order to create or edit workflows, you must be an Administrator or a Member who has been given ‘edit’ access by your Administrator.

You can find a list of the global variables below.

  • Current date – {{current_date.full}}
  • Current day of the month – {{}}
  • Current month – {{current_date.month}}
  • Current user’s email – {{}}
  • Current user’s name – {{}}
  • Current year – {{current_date.year}}
  • Organization name – {{}}

You can find a list of the Workflow variables below.

  • Workflow name – {{}}
  • Workflow run created date – {{run.created_date}}
  • Workflow run due date – {{run.due_date.full}}
  • Workflow run name – {{}}
  • Workflow run URL – {{run.url}}
  • Workflow run creator (email) – {{}}
  • Workflow run creator (name) – {{}}
  • Workflow URL – {{workflow.url}}
  • Task due date – {{task.due_date.full}}
  • Task name – {{}}
  • Task URL – {{task.url}}
  • Email trigger’s body – {{email_trigger.body}}
  • Email trigger’s sender email – {{}}
  • Email trigger’s sender name – {{}}
  • Email trigger’s subject – {{email_trigger.subject}}

You can also use the default variables as fallback values or default answers in your form fields. The variables would fill your form fields by default if no data has been entered in that field in an active run.

Learn more about using variables in our help article, which also includes a video showing you variables in use.

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