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HelloSign + Process Street Integration

HelloSign + Process Street Integration

Updated March 3, 2021

Integrate Process Street with HelloSign

Signatures are a great way to authenticate writing, to bind an individual signing the writing to provisions contained in a document.

HelloSign is an online tool used for signing and requesting electronic signatures, from anywhere,  at any time from any device. You can integrate Process Street with HelloSign using the third party automation service, Zapier.

This integration creates an automated workflow that increases your productivity and output.

In this article, we will look at how you can send a signature request from a template by checking off a new task in a Process Street checklist.

Use case:

  • The results from an internal audit need to be reviewed, and confirmed by signature from the relevant personnel.

Process overview:

  • We will run a checklist from an internal audit template with a send for signature request task.
  • We will connect this checklist to HelloSign using Zapier.
  • We will set up a Zap to send a signature request from a template when the appropriate task is checked.

Read on to see how we can do this.

How to connect HelloSign with Process Street

As mentioned above, to connect HelloSign with Process Street we will be using the third-party automation service, Zapier. Zapier holds over 1,000 different web apps and services that you can connect to.

The connection between different web apps and services is completed using a Zap.

A Zap is made up of a ‘Trigger’ step and an ‘Action’ step.

You only need to set up the Zap one time. You can then turn this Zap ‘On’ or ‘Off’ as required to control the automation.

Open and run your checklist

In this example, we will be working from the Hotel Sustainability Audit template. This template can be found as part of our Hotel Management template pack.

The Hotel Sustainability Audit template assesses a company’s sustainability efforts, for continual sustainable development.

Make sure your template has a send for signature request task

Open your template, and select Edit this template, found at the right-hand side of your screen. You can add form fields and tasks as required.

Edit this template

Make sure that you have a Send for signature request task.

Create new task as required

Once you have edited your template as required, save your changes. Then run the checklist. Running through the checklist will provide you with sample data to make your Zap creation process a lot easier.

Obtain sample data

Connect Process Street as your trigger

Make sure you have a Zapier account and log in. Click Make A Zap on the top right-hand side of Zapier’s home screen.

Make A Zap

You are now ready to create the trigger step for your Zap.

Select Process Street as your trigger application.

Choose trigger application

Select your trigger action, which is New Task Checked. In this integration, checking the relevant trigger task in your checklist is going to trigger the Zap.

Choose trigger task

Connect to your Process Street account containing the checklist you are working from. Test your connection before moving onto the next step.

Connect your account

In this case, we are working from the Hotel Sustainability Audit template. The trigger task is Send for signature request. Select the template you are working from and the Send for signature request trigger task using the dropdown arrows to the right of both text boxes.

Choose task

Test the step before moving onto the next stage.

You can then pull in sample data to work from to set up your Zap.

Pull in sample data

You are now ready to create the action step for the Zap.

Create a signature request template in HelloSign

Log into your HelloSign account, and click CREATE A TEMPLATE.

Pull in sample data

Add the required file to your request for a signature template. In this case, the file is the Hotel Sustainability Internal Audit report. From the Hotel Sustainability Internal Audit template you can export the Internal Audit as a Google Document file, as shown in task 37 of this template.

Export the report task

You can download the Hotel Sustainability Internal Audit report and upload the report as a file when creating your signature template in HelloSign.

Add file to template

Enter the details of the individual from whom a signature is needed. In this case, it is the Audit reviewer. Enter the email for which the signature request template needs to be sent to.

(Note that to test whether your Zap is working, you might want to enter your own email to send the test signature request template before sending an official request. If this is the case, enter your own email at this stage).

Attach document to be signed

Prepare your document for adding a signature.

Prepare document for signature

Write a message as required for the signature request template.

Write message

Save your signature request template.

Connecting Process Street to HelloSign

Choose your action application, which in this case is HelloSign. Then choose your action event, which is Send Signature Request From Template.

Selection trigger step

Connect your HelloSign account.

Connect Hello sign account

Enter the details for your signature request email. You can enter data from the Hotel Sustainability Internal Audit Checklist by selecting the insert form field button to the right-hand side of the given text box. In this instance, we used form fields Hotel Name and Date Of Audit Completion and Audit to be reviewed by. Data is pulled from these form fields from your checklists to your signature request template email.

enter details

You can continue to add information as required from the checklist to your signature request template. In the below, the Audit Reviewer’s Name and Audit Reviewer’s Email Address have been added.

Email of auditor

Send a test signature email request to make sure your Zap is working.


Jump into your email to see if the signature request template has been sent okay. From your email, you can open and view your document to make sure everything is as it should be.


Save and name your Zap.

(If you used your own email to set up the Zap and send out the test request, return to your signature request template in HelloSign and update the email as required).

Once your Zap is turned on, you have an automation that allows you to obtain the required signature for your internal audit results, with just a click of a button.

As mentioned above, Zapier holds over 800 different web apps and services that you can connect to. This means that there are many different ways you can connect Process Street with HelloSign, which you can check out here.

Connecting multiple applications together to create an automated Process

By using Zapier you can create an entire process that is automated from start to finish. This means setting up more than one integration within a process.

To exemplify, we are going to look at how we at Process Street send a sales proposal to a client.

The sales proposal is sent directly from our CRM to Process Street. From Process Street, the proposal is then sent to the client via HelloSign.

The integrations set up to automate this process are as follows:

    • A Zap is set up that connects our CRM (trigger step) with Process Street (action step). This integration activates our sales proposal checklist.
    • The second integration connects Process Street (action step) to Google Documents (trigger step) so that the sales proposal is converted as a Google Document.
  • The third integration connects this sales proposal checklist (trigger step) with HelloSign (action step). This integration sends the sales proposal to the client to be signed via HelloSign.
  • The fourth integration connects Google Documents (trigger step) with the team messaging application Slack (action step), to send an automated message based on who has signed and who has viewed the sales proposal.

You can view this process and its integrations in more detail with the below video.

Check out some of our other integration articles, to help you get started to create your automated processes.

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