8 Hotel Management Processes to Deliver a ⭐5 Star⭐ Experience

Hotel Management6.33 billion dollars is the value of 2018’s leading hotel brand worldwide. Let’s take a moment to visualize that. If you stacked one billion, one dollar bills, your money tower would expand approximately 644 meters into the sky.

To confirm then, 6.33 billion dollars is a lot of money.

Here at Process Street, we have asked ‘why’? Why is this leading hotel brand so successful?


We believe the key to unlocking this kind of success is aligned with delivering a 5-star experience consistently. To achieve this, you need effective hotel management processes and workflows.

Hotel management is defined as “the management of all things related to the hotel business“. That could be the management of hotel check in, to managing deep cleaning processes. It is taking control of all processes ongoing in your hotel’s business.

Along with adopting a strategic and organized approach, hotel management also has to be versatile. Versatility enables hotel management processes to keep up with a rapidly changing business world. From technological changes, changes in customer expectations and needs, to environmental changes, hotel management systems have to be forward thinking and progressive to adapt.

At Process Street we recognize attributes such as these and their influence in creating a successful hotel management system. That is why we have constructed this pack of 8 hotel management templates, designed to provide organized, strategic, efficient and versatile processes for you to manage your hotel, in a time effective manner, and deliver a 5-star experience.

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The 8 templates provided document the most common hotel management processes, tasks, and actions. The templates provided in this pack are as follows:

These templates can be accessed freely and easily edited to tailor the templates to your specific hotel business.

Menu planning template

When it comes to eating out, ‘customer behavior’ is changing. Less and less people are opting to sit down at a restaurant for a meal. A sector that was once rapidly growing, has diminished. Restaurant groups are expected to remain static in terms of their growth from 2017 and onwards.

Advertisement for your restaurant is critical in this climate, and your menu acts as a vital advertisement tool both online and offline. The menu contents and design can be used to communicate what kind of experience the guest will have at your restaurant. It is a great marketing and selling point, meaning both attention and care are needed in its creation and alteration.

Alerting your menu regularly, such as adding a new trending dish, or altering meal plans in accordance with changing seasons, will give you a competitive advantage. Our Menu Planning Template makes this easy for you.

We have outlined each important step in the Menu Planning Template using our subtask feature. You can check off the tasks to meticulously manage your menu planning process. This assures details are not forgotten and eases use from your end. We have carefully considered each step to help you create a great menu for your restaurant.

Click here to access the Menu Planning Template

Hotel sustainability audit

Hotel Management Hotel Sustainability Audit

With the – evidentially supported – theorized “collapse of civilization as we know it“, it has never before been this critical for businesses around the world to adopt sustainable actions.

As stressed by Mark Carney governor for the Bank of England, there is a strong link between the health of our natural world and the global economy. This link transcends down to business level. Achieving local sustainability will provide long-term economic success for your hotel business.

We created the Hotel Sustainability Audit to ease the process of adapting your business to acquire sustainability, in response to our changing environment.

Our Hotel Sustainability Audit has been designed to adhere to the Global Sustainable Tourism Council Criteria for Tourism Industry version 3, December 2016.

By working through the audit, checking off each sustainable action as it is implemented into your business, you will obtain a final report summarising your hotel’s efforts to achieve sustainability.

Click here to access the Hotel Sustainability Audit template

Hotel check in procedure template

The hotel check-in procedure has evolved over the years, ultimately becoming faster. Contemplate the room key, for instance, the traditional room key has been replaced with a card, then a room code and now an even faster more efficient virtual key.

Our Hotel Check In Procedure Template offers another avenue for progression towards a more efficient and faster check in process, by standardizing the procedure.

Standardizing your check in process, increases productivity, quality, and ultimately creates a swift system for checking guests into your hotel.

What guest wouldn’t want that?

In addition, the Check in Procedure in a Hotel template also delivers a dynamic element to this otherwise standard procedure. Our condition logic feature adapts the check in procedure to fit your specific circumstance.

For example, whether the guest has pre-booked or just walked in, having two standardized processes to deal with either guest “type” means our check in procedure is standardized, yet changing to fit various situations.  

Click here to access the Hotel Check in Procedure Template

Hotel Check out procedure template

Delivering a 5-star experience involves meeting customer expectations at both ends of their hotel experience. Intertwined with a speedy check in procedure, comes the need for a speedy check out procedure.

Our Hotel Check Out Procedure Template is an aid to guide you through the guest checkout process, with the aim to increase the efficiency of this process. One way the Check Out Procedure in a Hotel checklist can do this is by reducing human error.

Key tasks such as ‘ensuring additional guest account charges are identified’, are not forgotten. Progression through the template is not possible unless vital tasks as such are completed.

Just like the Hotel Check In Procedure Template, the Hotel Check Out Procedure Template uses our conditional logic feature to create the same processes that are standardized, yet changing to fit various situations.

Click here to access the Hotel Check Out Procedure Template

Deep cleaning inspection checklist

84% of travelers rated cleanliness as a “very important factor” to consider when choosing their hotel accommodation. With the rise of sites such as TripAdvisor and PhoCusWright, a bad review in regards to an unclean hotel room can have damaging impacts on your hotel’s business. In response, it seems logical your hotel needs an organized and strategic deep cleaning process in place.

Deep cleaning is defined as an “extremely thorough clean of a place.” By thorough, we mean a meticulous, comprehensive and all-encompassing cleaning procedure. Our Deep Cleaning Checklist is just this and has organized the bedroom deep cleaning process into strategic categories simplifying a potentially complex task.

The checklist also acts as a record, making it easy to visualize what rooms have been deep cleaned and when. No room will ever be forgotten about.

The Deep Cleaning Checklist effectively reports issues such as breakages, as the housekeepers are able to leave notes which can be sent in an email to relevant personnel. Notes from all deep cleaning processes are maintained on record.

Click here to access the Deep Cleaning Check

Monthly Housekeeping checklist

As mentioned before, the cleanliness of your hotel is extremely important, even more so with the rise of popular customer review and recommendation sites. Bad reviews could damage your hotel’s reputation, with negative reports spreading across the internet space like wildfire.

With this in mind, we created a Monthly Housekeeping Inspection Checklist to organize the assessment of your hotel’s cleanliness and upkeep.

Similar to the Hotel Safety Inspection Checklist and the Hotel Sustainability Audit, as you work through the Monthly Housekeeping Inspection Checklist by checking off each task with confirmation of its completion, you can add and record your own notes. These notes are compiled at the end of the template to produce a general housekeeping report. The report summarises what housekeeping activities are being done well, and other areas in need of improvement.

Click here to access the Monthly Housekeeping Inspection Checklist

Hotel safety inspection checklist

Hotel Management Safety Inspection Checklist

Safety in the workplace has improved over the years. Fortunately, we are no longer in the early 18th century, with very limited safety regulations. Unfortunately, accidents in the workplace can, and still, happen

Trips, cuts, and burns are to name only a few common workplace injuries. Correct safety procedures must be carried out to ensure your hotel is not in an injury statistic.

Our Hotel Safety Inspection Checklist has been designed to adhere to Grosslight Insurance. Inc Hospitality Safety Inspection Checklist. Our checklist has organized the process of inspecting your hotel’s safety attainment for you so you can productively and efficiently make sure your hotel meets the required safety standards.

The Hotel Safety Inspection Checklist is coordinated into categories. Notes from each category are pulled through to produce a final report for your records. This way, you can keep track of when each safety inspection was executed, and the results.

Click here to access the Hotel Safety Inspection checklist

Training hotel employees template

Increasing desires and demands of guests as an evolving change is a challenge to keep up with. While seemingly contradictory for a cultural experience, more and more guests are wanting to bring the comforts of home with them on vacation. Securing positive guest-staff relationships is one way to bring a homely vibe to your hotel.

For this, your employees need to be trained well with an emphasis on training exceptional communication and customer service skills. Such skills are a learned art, but with an effective training plan can be taught to the standard required.

By considering common mistakes employee training programs often make, we have created the Training Hotel Employees Template to avoid such errors.

For example, one common mistake employee training programs often make is a lack of planning and poor timing. Fortunately, we at Process Street have planned for you, creating a thorough and organized template to aid you in training your employees. We have used our dynamic due date feature so timings and deadlines of your training process are met.

Click here to access the Training Hotel Employees Template

Manage your way to 5-star hotel management success

There you have it, Process Street’s complete template pack as a helping hand for you to obtain successful hotel management processes in a changing business climate.


Are there any hotel management processes you would like us to cover that we have missed? If so, please let us know in the comments below. We always love to obtain feedback and find out about the processes you want to see in our next template pack.

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