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Insightly + Process Street Integration

Insightly + Process Street Integration

Updated March 7, 2024

Insightly CRM software can help your sales team build customer relationships, quickly create personalized marketing campaigns, and stay on top of their sales game. You can integrate Insightly with Process Street to make your workflows super powerful and automate your work via Webhooks or Zapier.

Connect Insightly with Process Street via Webhook

A Webhook integration can bring information from Insightly that would trigger a new workflow run in your Process Street account. Webhooks are automated messages or payloads sent from apps as a trigger to cause an action in a receiving app.

In this example, we will create a Webhook that runs the Customer Onboarding workflow when a new opportunity is closed as won in Insightly.

Process overview:

  • We will create a Customer Onboarding workflow in Process Street
  • We will create a few opportunities in our Insightly organization. When a new opportunity is closed as won, this will act as our trigger
  • We will create a webhook that listens for our desired trigger in Insightly and runs the Customer Onboarding workflow in Process Street

Now, let’s jump into the integration.

1. Preparations in Process Street

First, create a Workflow in Process Street and ensure to add form fields that are relevant to the data fields in Insightly. This will help you to map the relevant information from Insightly to Process Street.

This information is stored in Insightly when a new opportunity is created. So, we need to create relevant form fields in our workflow to push that information through to Process Street. For our example, these form fields should include the deal name, contact name (short text fields), ARR (number field), contact email (email field), and so on.

This will mean that whoever is onboarding the new customer won’t have to look up that information in Insightly, but can instead see all the details in Process Street.

2. Preparations in Insightly

Log into your Insightly account or create a new account. Since we want to trigger a new run in Process Street when an opportunity is closed, we will be working in our opportunity dashboard in Insightly. If you already have any existing opportunities, you can work with those to create the webhook.

To create a new opportunity, click New Opportunity in the top right corner. In the pop-up, fill in all the details then Save.

If you would like to add any additional fields in the opportunity details, you can create custom fields. To do this, click on your profile icon in the top right corner > System Settings > Objects and Fields in the left panel. Here, click on Opportunity > Object Fields in the left panel.

Note: You want to ensure that the form fields you have in your workflow match the fields you have in Insightly.

3. Create a Webhook trigger to run your workflow in Process Street

To get the webhook URL from Process Street, when you’re editing your workflow, click the + icon above your task list on the left. Here, you can look for Insightly as a Trigger to Run this workflow.

You can name your webhook as the app name or any phrase that helps you identify the Trigger. Then copy your Webhook URL.

4. Set up the Webhook Trigger in Insightly

You first need to set up a workflow automation then create a criteria and an action event triggered by the criteria. To do this, click on your profile icon in the top right corner > System Settings > Workflow Automation in the left panel. Then click on New Workflow Process in the top-right corner.

Here, fill in the details as shown below and click Save. For our use case, we have selected the Record type as Opportunity.

Next, click on Add Criteria, give it a name and Add a Filter Row, then click Save. For our use case, we have added the filter as Current State contains Won.

Lastly, click on Actions and select Add New Webhook. Here, paste the URL you copied from Process Street, give the webhook a name, and click Save.

If you’re looking for more help on how to set up your webhook in Insightly, you can refer to their help doc here.

5. Finish the setup in Process Street

Now come back to Process Street and test your trigger. Your payload should return as a success but if it doesn’t, you might want to go back to Insightly and close an opportunity as won.

When your test returns successful, you can proceed to map your fields from your opportunity details to your Process Street form fields.

Note: If you have added any custom fields in your opportunity details, while mapping them in Process Street, you want to select Entity / CustomFields / x / Field Value to bring that data over.

Lastly, turn your webhook On and Save it. Then Publish your workflow and you’re all set!

As an extra step, you can go to Insightly, close an opportunity as won then come back to Process Street in the Reports Dashboard to confirm a new workflow is run.

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