Intercom + Process Street Integration

Intercom and Process Street

You can integrate Intercom with Process Street checklists using Zapier.

When new customer tickets come in via Intercom, Zapier can automatically create Process Street customer support process checklists with the relevant data pulled in. This means your support team can answer all conversation tickets in a set, standardized way.

Use case:

  • A SaaS startup uses Intercom to receive customer support tickets
  • They also use Process Street to manage their workflows
  • They want Process Street customer support process checklists to be launched whenever a new Intercom ticket is submitted, and have the customer’s data automatically pushed into the checklist

Process overview:

  • We will create a Zap in Zapier
  • We will create a trigger for the Zap which is when a new customer ticket has been submitted through Intercom
  • We will create an action for the Zap which is the creation of a customer support process checklist in Process Street

Let’s build the Zap.

Using a Process Street checklist

For this use case, the “Customer Support Process Checklist” is used. It’s a free template from our template library. We use a similar checklist when responding to our own support tickets.

Make sure you add the template to your account.

Creating the Zap with Zapier

Zapier is a “when this happens, do this” tool which connects over 1,000 apps together. The “when” part is the trigger, and the “do” is the action.

When the trigger and action are combined, it’s called a Zap.

Sign into Zapier (or make an account) and then hit the “Make a Zap!” button on the dashboard.

Setting up Intercom as the trigger

In the Zapier editor, use the middle search bar to find Intercom.

Intercom Integration

Then click on it to select it as the trigger app.

2. Choose the trigger in Intercom

For this use case, the appropriate trigger event is “New Conversation”.

Intercom Integration

After choosing “New Conversation”, hit continue.

3. Allow Zapier access to your Intercom account

If you haven’t given Zapier access to your Intercom account before, press the “Sign in to Intercom” button.

Intercom Integration

You’ll then want to click “Authorize access”.

Once Zapier has access, your screen should look similar to the screenshot below.

Intercom Integration

4. Pull in data from Intercom

The next step is to pull conversation data (or sample conversation data) from Intercom into Zapier.

Intercom Integration

Hit “Test & Review”.

Intercom Integration

Then press “Done Editing”.

That’s the first half of the Zap successfully set up.

Setting up Process Street as the action

1. Click “Do this…”

Click the “Do this…” widget. This will begin the process of setting up the action.

Intercom Integration

Use the middle search bar again, but this time search for Process Street.

Intercom Integration

Then click on it to select it as the action app.

3. Choose the action in Process Street

The appropriate action event for this use case is “Create Checklist”.

Intercom Integration

After choosing “Create Checklist”, hit continue.

4. Allow Zapier to your Process Street account

To allow Zapier access to your Process Street account, press “Add New Account”, which will take you to a new window.

Intercom Integration

You’ll then want to put in your Process Street API key. This can be found by clicking your account name in the top right-hand corner of the Process Street app. Then, by navigating to the “Integrations” tab, you’ll find the key.

If you’ve added Process Street to Zapier before, select your account from the dropdown.

Intercom Integration

Then press “Continue”.

5. Customize how you want the checklists to appear

The next step is to customize how you want the checklists to appear. This means specifying the Intercom data you want to populate the automatically generated Process Street checklists.

First, select “Customer Support Process Checklist” as the Template.

For the Checklist Name field, add “User Name” and “Subject” by using the dropdown. When a Process Street checklist is generated, the title will be the name of whoever wrote the ticket, and the subject of their ticket. I put a “|” character in the middle to break these two pieces of information up.

Intercom Integration

For the User Email field, select “User Email” from the dropdown.

Then for the Intercom Conversation URL, choose “Link”.

Finally, for the Ticket Body field, add “Body”.

Intercom Integration

Press “Continue”.

6. Send a test to Process Street

To make sure the checklists appear how you want them to, press the “Test & Continue” button. This will push a test checklist straight through to Process Street.

Intercom Integration

7. Go to Process Street and find the checklist

Go to your Process Street account and look for the checklist.

If you’ve followed the steps correctly, you’ll see the new checklist with the title, subject, user email, Intercom link, and ticket body data all pulled through.

Intercom Integration

8. Go back to Zapier and press “Done Editing”

Now go back to Zapier and press the “Done Editing” button.

Intercom Integration

A pop up will then appear, asking you to turn your Zap on. By turning it on, the Zap will generate a Process Street support ticket checklist (with the appropriate data pulled in) each time a new conversation is started through Intercom.

Press “Turn Zap On”.

Intercom Integration

After that, the final step is to name the Zap.

I called it “Intercom Conversation -> Process Street Support Checklist”, but you can call it whatever memorable name you wish.

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