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Managing Organization Timezone

Managing Organization Timezone

Updated March 7, 2024

If your team works across the globe, “Is the task due at 2 PM – your time or mine?” can be an everyday situation with most of your tasks. If staying consistent with time has become a challenge for you, setting an Organization-wide timezone can ensure that your entire team operates in your ‘Organization Standard Time’.

Organization timezone triggers workflow runs and due dates at a standard time, across your organization, irrespective of the timezone relative to individual users.

Users: In order to manage your organization, you must be an Administrator.

To set your Organization timezone, go to your organization settings and navigate to the Settings tab. Then select a timezone, as shown below.

What is impacted by the Organization timezone

  • The due date for tasks and workflow runs
  • The default time as 8 AM in the organization timezone when no time is provided for a dynamic due date
  • The weekend, when ‘Weekdays only’ is selected in a date picker
  • The due date offsets, when scheduling a workflow

Although the Organization timezone determines when a workflow or due date is triggered, a user will see all dates and timestamps in the timezone they have set for their profile.

What is not impacted by the Organization Timezone

In any situation where a due date or notification is triggered based on the user’s timezone, as it is relevant to that individual user.

  • Email notifications
  • Inbox notifications
  • Due dates displayed in Inbox and email notifications
  • Tasks due in Slack or Teams app
  • Due dates displayed in Slack or Teams app
  • Task or run status in Reports
  • Dates displayed in email widgets
  • Activity logs

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