How Do I Setup Scheduled Checklists?

You can schedule checklists ahead of time, to have checklists for upcoming or recurring events run automatically for you.

For example, an office cleaning checklist would be set to run every week or so whilst an employee onboarding checklist could be scheduled for the date you’re onboarding your next new employee.

Users: To be able to schedule a checklist you must be an Admin or a Member with either “Can edit and run”, “Can view and run” or “Can view own and run” permissions. Members with “Can view own” and Guests cannot schedule checklists. 

How to schedule a checklist

You can schedule checklists to run one of two ways.

From your Home dashboard

From your home dashboard, click “Scheduled” on the left side of your screen.

If you’ve not scheduled any checklists before, you’ll be prompted to do this by clicking the blue link in the center of your screen.

If you already have some checklists scheduled, you can click any of the the grey cards you see, to “Schedule another checklist.”

From a Template

You can also schedule checklists on a template by template basis.

Head to the template you want to schedule a checklist from, and click the cog next to its name.

This open up the right hand menu, from where you can click the “More” button, and then click “Schedule checklist.”

Note: to manage scheduled checklists once they have been set up, head back to your home dashboard and click scheduled in the left hand menu.

In this view you can set the specifics of your scheduled checklist, such as:

  • The checklist name
  • The users (or groups) assigned to the checklist
  • Whether it’s one-time or recurring
  • Due date
  • The time interval between runs

Once your options are set, take a look at the summary to check everything is set up correctly, then click “Schedule” to finish. Your checklist will run automatically on the date/dates you have set.

Learn more about different ways to run checklists.


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