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Updated April 25, 2024

Not all your work needs to be done on a repeatable basis; unexpected or unplanned work occurs all the time. That’s where Tasks come in.

You can create and manage on-the-fly tasks within Process Street, keeping them standalone tasks or attaching them to active workflow runs to ensure nothing gets missed.

Users: To create and edit Tasks, you must be an Administrator, a Member, or an Internal Guest.

Note: This feature is available in Closed Beta. Please reach out to your account manager or our support team for access.

You can create tasks for:

  • Personal to-do lists that don’t relate to any workflow runs
  • Assign your team members to complete tasks by a given deadline
  • Attach tasks to workflow runs as ad-hoc pieces of work that need to be completed alongside that process

Creating a task

To create a task, click the +New button and select Task.

While creating a task, you can add a description for additional context or instructions, give it a due date, and add attachments, as shown below.

You can find all your tasks in My Work. As you work through your list in My Work, if you want to create a new task, click the +Tasks button in the top right corner to create a new task, as shown above.

Attached tasks

Tasks can be attached to active workflow runs, making it a part of a process.

All the active and completed tasks attached to a workflow run will show below the task list on the left. They will also be shown in the print and PDF versions of the workflow run.

Creating attached tasks

To attach a task to a workflow run, go to the workflow run and click the + button next to Tasks Attached below your task list on the left, as shown below.

Tasks created within a workflow run are automatically attached to that workflow run.

Note: Anybody who has viewing access to a workflow run can view its attached tasks and create new ones.

While you work through your list in My Work, you can create a task and attach it to a workflow run from there as well.

Click the +Tasks button in the top right corner of your screen. As you create this task, choose to link it to a workflow run. Select the workflow then select an active workflow run to which you want to attach this task, as shown below.

To ensure that an attached task is completed before your workflow run can be completed, mark it as required.

Editing and deleting tasks

Once you’ve created a task, you can edit it to add more details or add an attachment. You can also assign it to someone or change its due date.

To edit a task, expand it and click the edit icon in the top right corner of the task. Make changes then click update, as shown below.

To delete a task, expand it and click the three dots next to the task due date, as shown above.

If you have assigned a task to another user, deleting it will remove the task from the assignee’s My Work as well.

When you have a task attached to a workflow run and you archive or delete the workflow run, the attached task will remain in My Work.

Note: Only the task creator can edit or delete it.

Managing, assigning, and completing a task

When you create a task, it is assigned to you by default. You can assign tasks to other team members or groups. However, if an assignee removes themself from the task, it goes back to being assigned to the task creator.

You can also change the task due dates after creating a task, as shown below.

Note: Only the task creator or Admin can reassign tasks.

To complete a task, locate it in My Work or, in a workflow run and mark it complete.

When you have tasks attached to a workflow run, completing the run will not automatically complete its attached tasks.

Note: Only the task creator, task assignee (group member), or Admin can complete the task.

Commenting on Tasks

You can add comments and attachments to your tasks, as shown below.

Note: Attachments support a file size limit of up to 250 MB

To find all the comments on your tasks, click the Comments bubble in the top right corner, next to your profile picture.

Viewing tasks in My Work

When you’re going through your tasks in My Work, you can filter your view by Tasks. This shows all the tasks and attached tasks assigned to you.

Learn more about how to use My Work.

Note: This feature is available in Closed Beta. Please reach out to your account manager or our support team for access.

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