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Streamline campaigns, drive results, boost productivity. Unlock your marketing potential with Process Street.

Take control of your marketing process

Optimize every aspect of your marketing project management with Process Street workflows. Automate routine tasks, eliminate redundancies in your marketing workflow and ensure no detail is overlooked.

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Maintain high standards across marketing projects with approval flows

Ensure consistency across all campaigns while maintaining high-quality standards with recurring checklists, marketing databases, and approval flows - never compromise on quality again!

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Unify Your Team with Efficient Task Management

Stay connected with your team using our intuitive task assignments and real-time progress monitoring. Simplify collaboration and keep everyone on the same page regardless of location or time zone.

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Consolidate your team's efforts with effective task management

Keep connected with your team using our intuitive task assignments and real-time progress monitoring. Foster collaboration and maintain alignment, irrespective of location or time zone.

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Improve outcomes using process analytics

Utilize our in-depth process analytics to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies in real-time. Make smarter, data-driven decisions that will enhance your marketing results.

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Boost productivity with thousands of app integrations

Integrate Process Street with the apps you already use daily. Fit us into your existing digital ecosystem without any hassle, making data management and collaboration a breeze.

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Improve marketing outcomes using Process Analytics

Leverage our robust process analytics to pinpoint bottlenecks and inefficiencies in real-time. Make intelligent, data-driven decisions that improve the results of your marketing efforts.

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Common use cases
Campaign Management
Optimize the campaign management process by creating workflows that take the team through necessary steps such as brainstorming campaigns, ideating ads, publishing them, and analyzing results.

Coordinating marketing campaigns involves managing multiple elements that often result in missed deadlines and disorganized execution.

Process Street Solution

Our Workflows feature simplifies campaign management by scheduling tasks, automating follow-ups, and ensuring all elements are aligned for launch, resulting in smooth and effective campaign execution.

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Content Creation and Approval
Lead Nurturing
Event Planning & Management
Content Strategy & Analysis

Popular templates

Podcast Formatting
  1. 1. Have a narrative intro about the episode
  2. 2. Deliver the content of the show's topic
  3. 3. Give news and updates
Brand Strategy
1. Investigate the key demographic
2. View brand aesthetic ideas
3. Distinguish 3 preferred branding styles
Email Marketing Campaign
  1. 1. Set your email marketing goals
  2. 2. Define your audience
  3. 3. Plan your email content
Blog Idea Processing
  1. 1. Expand on areas that might be interesting
  2. 2. Summarize the potential article
  3. 3. Find appropriate keywords
Facebook Ads Creation
  1. 1. Create Business Manager account
  2. 2. Create your product catalog(s)
  3. 3. Write ad copy tailored to your audience
Hosting a Live Webinar
  1. 1. Choose the right hosting platform
  2. 2. Reach out to email list
  3. 3. Write a script
Generate a custom workflow in seconds using AI

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