Systematize Your Business With This Foundr Course from Process Street’s CEO

Systematize Your Business With This Foundr Course from Process Street's CEOSystematizing your business is one of the biggest challenges any founder or executive faces when trying to scale.

I’ve seen it personally in my businesses and in the experiences of our customers. It’s the problem which led to us creating Process Street when I ran a small business. It’s the problem people and businesses of all sizes now come to Process Street to overcome.

Thousands of customers like Accenture, AstraZeneca, and Salesforce are solving processes from small business needs to critical enterprise and infrastructure processes.

It’s important to learn not just how to get things done, but how to do that repeatedly, effectively, and efficiently as your team grows.

This is where business systematization comes in.

A huge part of that is process management. According to our research, 42% of respondents say their teams have no time to create processes. You cannot systematize if you fail to document your processes.

In fact, process documentation is only the first step. What about adherence, integration, automation?

That’s why, as Process Street’s CEO, I was so excited to collaborate with Foundr to create a course to take you from process-less to process pro. The course is now available for registrations – you have until September 8th to get involved, so make sure to register ASAP if you’re interested.

I’ll give you the platform and the playbook to systemize your business in just 10 minutes per day, all delivered through Foundr’s intuitive learning experience.

Foundr magazine is one of the leading media outlets for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and executives. The course comes carefully prepared with video lessons, playbooks, and an explanation of my proven DIA Method.

As part of the Process Street family, I’m offering you the chance to register now and get 4 free masterclass lessons where I’ll explain my 10 minute MVP approach to supercharging processes in record time.

Click here to register!

Create Time, Reduce Errors and Grow Profitably with Proven Business Systems

systems driven businesss foundr course vinay patankarWhen I first joined up with our CTO Cameron McKay to create Process Street, we used it as an internal tool to solve our problems of managing recurring work in my marketing agency.

We were staying in a hostel in Argentina and had clients and employees all over the world, in different time zones. We needed a way to keep on top of work, to train and instruct remotely, and to communicate how we wanted work to happen asynchronously.

Since then, Process Street has evolved dramatically. With over 450,000 users, a worldwide distributed team, and a product that hides huge power and complexity under the hood, Process Street can do things we hadn’t even imagined.

Process Street is now a leading modern process management platform and a fully-fledged no-code workflow builder with an easy-to-use interface that can handle almost any type of business process, from client implementation to employee onboarding and content approvals.

We have all different kinds of users too! From solopreneurs and SMBs to enterprise customers like Colliers, Yext, The Economist, and Hitachi, as well as institutions like Columbia University, Johns Hopkins University, and Harvard University.

Along the way, we’ve learned a lot about what it takes to run a successful business – but even more from our customers about how they use processes and systems to rapidly scale. So much so, we built our business around it!

Because success has a structure!

If you pay attention to it & break it down into its encompassing systems, you can learn it & replicate it for your own gain. Process Street has been designed to make that even easier.

If you are not doing this, you are burning time, cash & potentially your personal relationships to be trapped in a hamster wheel of dissatisfaction.

You’ll also fail to grow and develop to that place you’ve dreamed your business would get to.

My Foundr Course: “Save Time & Scale With A Systems Driven Business”

I’m giving you both the platform and the playbook for systemizing every single aspect of your business!

As a user of Process Street, you already have the “platform” to systematize your business…

But there’s never been a complete step-by-step “playbook” of my exact process for systemizing a business from start to finish in as little as just 10 minutes a day…

Until now!

So with that said, I’m excited to announce that I recently partnered with Foundr to hold a special event called “Save Time & Scale With A Systems-Driven Business”.

In fact, this isn’t the first time I’ve worked with Foundr. I had a long chat with them last year, which you can check out here:

In case you didn’t already know, Foundr works with some top entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, Mark Cuban, Ariana Huffington, and many others to distill exactly what does and doesn’t work when building a business from people who’ve done it before and who’ve already made all the mistakes – so you don’t have to!

This first-ever Save Time & Scale With A Systems-Driven Business event is not about working harder, staying up later, or hustling your face off.

It’s not about taking months off just to build some chaotic or confusing system that no one even understands.

And it’s not about reading some popular book on systems but then being left to figure out how to actually implement it all on your own.

It’s about building a simple system that builds you out of a job!

It’s about “stealing” the best-of-the-best systems insights from thousands of different companies – used even by Amazon, Airbnb, Facebook, and Spotify. It’s about working smarter and leveraging what we believe is the world’s simplest small business system to free up your time, take back control of your life, and automate your business so it can run even better without you!

As a Process Street user, your complimentary sign up link is right here.

These are step-by-step strategies that work for any business, budget, or background.

What you’ll learn about scaling

  • My revolutionary 10-Minute MVP Method
  • A proven step-by-step process to create a systems-driven machine
  • Why every business owner should build themselves out of a job
  • 3 steps to your first time saving system
  • How to use and identify the 80/20 Processes
  • Why you should never micro-manage again
  • How to implement the DIA Method

The course will be available until September 8th, so make sure to sign up now!

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Vinay Patankar

CEO and Co-Founder of Process Street. Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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