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For a decade, we’ve been on a mission to revolutionize recurring work. 

We’re proud to have helped teams like Salesforce, MIT, Colliers, and Hartford Healthcare streamline their business operations, and our innovation has attracted funding from renowned investors like Accel, Salesforce Ventures, and Atlassian Ventures. 

We built the world’s easiest-to-use business process management platform, accessible without engineering support. Then we made it available on Slack, Teams, iOS, and Android, empowering teams to work from anywhere with one-click approvals, quick-fill forms, and powerful automations.

Now, we’re excited to announce the next phase of our journey, the evolution of our product from a workflow management tool to an AI-powered process platform. 

Introducing Process AI, a next-gen process management platform powered by AI and ChatGPT.

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In this blog post, we’ll look at:

  • Why traditional process management is hard
  • Process AI: Next-gen process management
  • What Process AI can do
  • The future of process management 

Why traditional process management is hard

You can define process management as made up of two core components:

  • Documenting
  • Doing

You start by documenting how something is done, and then you (or someone else) does it. If you’ve done a good job of documenting instructions to complete the work, doing comes easy.

But managing and documenting processes can be challenging. 

To document a process effectively, you need a deep understanding of how the work actually gets done. You need to be methodical, and rigorous, and know how to communicate instructions clearly and concisely. Things aren’t always crystal clear, and it’s an art as much as a science.

People aren’t perfect, and the processes we document are often imperfect, too. 

Human error, lack of experience, or even just lack of time (and resources) to properly devote to documenting processes properly – all of these things make process management a complicated and challenging problem to solve.

For years, this has been one of the biggest challenges to business operations managers and process builders.

Now, there’s a solution. Process AI is your key to the next generation of efficient, effective process management.

Process AI: The next generation of process management

Process AI gives you the power to instantly generate expert business process documentation. All you need to do is give the workflow a name, and our chatGPT-powered AI process builder will do the hard work for you.

Process Street is taking a huge leap forward with Process AI. It’s a game-changer that transforms our workflow management tool into an intelligent process platform, setting new standards in efficiency and ease of use.

Using Process AI simplifies the way you and your team manage your recurring work. It consolidates workflows, knowledge, data, forms, and surveys into one easy-to-navigate interface.

But the true magic lies in empowering non-technical users. 

With Process AI, you don’t need to be a coding wizard to create advanced automations and workflows. The platform’s intuitive design and AI capabilities give you the freedom to craft sophisticated processes without breaking a sweat. 

Just tell Process AI what kind of workflow you want to build, sit back, and watch the magic happen.

What Process AI can do for you

Process AI is designed to address the common pain points often encountered with process management software

By leveraging its powerful AI capabilities, it simplifies and streamlines several aspects of process management:

AI Workflow Generator

  • Users just provide the workflow name, and the AI does the rest.
  • Automatically creates workflows, assigns icons, & populates tasks with relevant details.
  • Saves time and effort for users struggling to create these resources.
  • Intelligently utilizes our powerful process management features.

AI Task Generator (part of the Workflow Generator)

  • Allows users to add new tasks to existing workflows or those under development.
  • Has the same capabilities as the AI Workflow Generator, but focused on individual tasks.

The combination of these advanced features not only addresses the most common pain points in process management software, but also ensures a clear, concise, and efficient way to manage your business operations.

AI-powered process management

Process AI will automatically and intelligently incorporate our powerful process management features into the workflows it generates, including (but not limited to):

  • Stop Tasks
  • Dynamic Due Dates
  • Approvals
  • Variables
  • Member fields
  • Text content, 
  • Short and long text fields,
  • Drop-downs, 
  • Multiple-choice fields
  • Subtasks
  • Number fields
  • Email fields & email widgets
  • Date fields
  • Website/URL fields
  • File upload fields

The impact of AI on the future of process management

With the advent of ChatGPT and all of the excitement around AI, we are seeing the rise of a more conversational user experience in many tools that depend on high quality user input to deliver value. 

We will likely see more and more work being delegated to AI tools like ChatGPT, tucked away into a frictionless experience focused on closing the gap between the user and true value.

Search engines have been using similar machine learning and natural language processing tech for years to process user queries and deliver search results, and this style of conversational interface will likely become more and more commonplace.

AI-powered process optimisation, automatically converting static .PDFs and documents into actionable processes, conversational in-app education, plus automatic task delegation and automation are just a few more AI features we are incredibly excited about.

ChatGPT has been an incredible blessing for our customers, enhancing almost every corner of our application and enabling an exciting roadmap for future functionality. It has allowed us to move from a point and click workflow builder to an intelligent UX, making the worlds easiest to use business process management platform even easier.” – Vinay Patankar, CEO, Process Street

We can’t wait to get our new platform into the hands of users around the world and are incredibly excited for the future developments of ChatGPT and what it means for our customers. 

Experience the power of Process AI for yourself today.

Tell us about how you’re using ChatGPT to streamline your business in the comments below – we’d love to hear from you (and maybe feature you in an upcoming article!)

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