Introducing Pages: Your Free-For-Everyone Home for Team Knowledge

announcing pages

Way back in 2013, in a converted horse stable in Buenos Aires, the first version of Process Street was just starting to come together.

From day one, we were inspired by the concept of a repeatable checklist. We still love checklists. And we’re still guided by that initial concept. But we’ve come a long way.

Over the years, we’ve evolved checklists into Workflows and grown our Workflows product in new and exciting ways. Workflows continues to be a cornerstone of the Process Street platform with even more exciting developments in the works.

Now, we’re excited to announce Pages: a new, companion product to Workflows. It’s the latest step in evolving Process Street from a repeatable checklists tool to a complete, modern process management platform.

Introducing Pages, a new product by Process Street

announcing pagesPages lets you capture, organize and share your team’s operational knowledge.

It’s also free forever, for your entire team!

Process docs you can actually find

Consider Pages your team’s home for established team knowledge.

Stop losing your critical process knowledge in a sea of meeting notes and project plans. With Pages, Process Street becomes your team’s central hub for operational knowledge.

The first step to process management excellence

Your teams are brimming with operational knowledge, and until that information is written down and easily discoverable, it’s trapped in people’s heads.

Pages allows you to leverage the operational knowledge your team has already acquired and get key process info into the right hands.

Sometimes you’ll use Pages to document core company knowledge, like a mission & values statement, where no workflow is required; it’s simply important canonical team knowledge.

Other times, your Pages document will be a foundation for you to build out Workflows to bring your process knowledge to life.

This problem of documenting mission-critical team knowledge is one we’re aiming to solve with Pages.

Share documentation far & wide with an intuitive knowledge-base format

All of your official processes, known and accessible by the right people, and secure in a single location.

Why bother writing anything down if people can’t even access it?!

Sharing knowledge across teams empowers your organization to function with minimal friction. When everyone is (quite literally) on the same page about how work should be done, human error is minimized and the resulting work is higher quality.

Build operational excellence on a firm foundation of process maturity

Operational excellence comes from using Pages and Workflows together to achieve the highest potential of your teams.

When your processes are actionable, and the operational knowledge supporting your processes is baked into the actual work that you’re doing — that’s operational excellence.

Execute work correctly, quickly, and confidently — with consistency. That’s where transforming your static documentation into actionable workflows adds so much more value to the business.

Pages: Your key to operational excellence

Remember how you used to get driving directions?

The problem with paper maps is that the knowledge you have about your current location on the map is disconnected from your actual, physical location.

So to get where you want to go, you first have to pull over, read the map, figure out the next set of steps, and hope you don’t forget them when you get back in your car.

Or worse, take your eyes off the road while you’re trying to drive.

Then, after you’re a few hundred miles down the road, you need to stop and do it over again.

Not the most efficient process, but of course now we have GPS and smartphones.

You glance at your phone, and the satellite up in the sky tells you exactly where you are, and which step is next.

You don’t have to study the whole map before setting off driving; you don’t have to remember all the steps; and you don’t have to pull over to check your map.

The navigational knowledge is woven into the experience of driving, and the experience for the driver is so, so much better.

We believe any team’s processes can and should be as seamless and efficient as driving with a GPS map.

The technology exists, the problem is most teams get stuck in an earlier phase of process maturity.

announcing pages

Phase 1: Process knowledge lives only in people’s heads. This might be fine for very small teams or very simple work. But it really starts falling apart once you add any complexity or scale.

Phase 2: Process knowledge is written down. This is a huge improvement over phase 1, because you need to map the territory before you can build a GPS. But that written-down knowledge isn’t where the work is happening. So team operations can still be slow and inconsistent.

Phase 3: Knowledge is woven into every step of the process. It’s as useful and actionable as GPS navigation, but for work.

Teams who have reached phase 3 are able to unlock breakthrough growth and extreme customer satisfaction. Pages helps teams tackle those important early steps. Not only is documentation a stepping stone to fully mature Phase 3-style process management, it’s a key moment in a process lifecycle.

This is the new way. This is modern process management.

Learn more and get started for free today.

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Oliver Peterson

Oliver Peterson is a content writer for Process Street with an interest in systems and processes, attempting to use them as tools for taking apart problems and gaining insight into building robust, lasting solutions.

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