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Restaurant management software is a software system is often overlooked in the restaurant business. This restaurant management software is seen as a kind of mobile cashier & nothing more. Such restaurant & bar management software usually assists with ordering, billing & inventory management. The benefit of restaurant management software is to handle all the records of transactions.

 An example of restaurant management software orders at table & pay at table apps. Which effectively allows the customer to pay & order effectively.

These tools are basically used for inventory, payroll, accounting, reservations, orders & analytical. Owners & managers are using this tool to compare business practices at multiple locations. Yashraj Restaurant management software provides a wide range of features of the restaurant. Restaurant management software shows the accuracy of data. Maintain the order records systematically. Through restaurant management software you can Modify menu items, rate, deals, offer, discount, happy hours, etc.

Maintaining consistency between concept & pricing with centralized management control. Exact costing out your plates, menus, event using current, low, high & average ingredients. Highlighting shrinkage & usage waste so you maintain inventory control. You can track the locations. comparing multiple bids & real-time pricing data. Analyzing sales & tracking perpetual inventory to ensure necessary items. ensuring customer's safety & security. Network versions available. Share data within organization on one networked server for a consistent & comprehensive view. Use mobile technology to increase effectiveness & decrease labor costs.  Take care of bill settlement in cash, credit, debit, etc. Restaurant management software makes operation easier with table layout, touch screen & mobile ordering. Restaurant management software mainly built to help users manage their restaurants or restaurants. This solution is designed to improve the daily experience of restaurant management software. Restaurant managers are responsible for leading, controlling & managing restaurant market strategies. Yashraj software offers end-to-end technology solutions for the restaurant. Multi & sub stores accounting with average, last purchase price, LIFO & FIFO method of valuation.  Restaurant management software generates all standard reports like a checklist, status, registers, variance, etc.  


Restaurant management software system manages stock inventory & forecasting. Menu & other scheduling are assist in a systematic way.


Restaurant management software help to gain customer loyalty by keeping recorded all the information.


Through this quicker table turnover while lowering the risk of errors. Improved communication skills.  Restaurant software can permit to pay from different modes of payment. Fully secured & authorized based operations, log & history.


A competent restaurant management software offers inventory management, demand forecasting, kitchen control, billing, menu management, accounting, taxation management, dashboard, customer feedback, reservation, time, alerts, loyalty & attendance.  

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