Introduction to Customer Service Representative Performance Review:

Providing support for customers is a tough job for any employee.

Not only are these employees on the frontline, representing the company, but they sometimes have to deal with awkward, difficult and challenging customers.

They need to have exceptional soft skills to be able to handle everything from positive reviews and glowing praise to tricky questions and negative feedback. 

Due to the challenging nature of the role, customer service teams often have a large number of unhappy employees and a high turnover rate. This makes it one of the most difficult positions to manage. 

This is why implementing a regular customer service performance review is essential. 

The customer service performance review is a process designed to keep employees focused enough to stay in the job and develop their ability to handle customers in the way that you want. 

It's imperative that you keep tabs on how reviews are managed and track how your team is following up and responding to reviews. They are the face of the company so you need to ensure consistency and quality across all responses.

Not only does a customer service performance review ensure each member of the teams' responses are consistent and high in quality,  but it also gives the customer service representatives important feedback and identifies opportunities for growth, which keeps them motivated to perform better. 

This Process Street customer service performance review checklist will allow you to assess how each member of your customer service team is performing. It will identify areas that can be improved and help you brainstorm and set SMART goals to improve performance. 

With the right approach and execution, customer service performance reviews will motivate your reps, improve your entire team, and keep everyone in the loop - Insightsquared 

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Fill out customer service rep details

Fill in the following fields about the customer service representative you are reviewing. 

Confirm the review date

Send an email to the rep, confirming the date of their review

Assess Performance:

Review two short conversations

Review two short conversations that the Rep has had, with customers, in the past 3 months.

Copy and paste the conversations below: 

Give feedback

Provide feedback on the Reps short conversation responses.

Short conversation 1.


Short conversation 2.


Review two medium/long conversations

Review two medium to long conversations the rep has with customers in the past 3 months.

Copy and paste the conversations below: 

Give feedback

Give feedback on the reps medium to long conversation responses.

Medium/Long conversation 1. 


Medium/Long conversation 2. 


Analyze performance metrics

Fill out the fields below to analyze the customer service representative's performance metrics.

Confirm Weaknesses:

Establish areas of weakness

Review the Reps overall performance and identify areas of weakness. 

Conversation Feedback







Performance metrics feedback:

Average reply time: {{form.What_is_the_reps_average_reply_time?}}
Average first response time: {{form.What_is_the_reps_average_first_response_time?}}
Average resolution time: {{form.What_is_the_reps_average_resolution_time?}}
Average handle time: {{form.What_is_the_reps_average_handle_time?}}

Set Goals:

Brainstorm ways to improve performance

Brainstorm ways to improve the rep’s performance and list them below. 

Set SMART goals

Set S.M.A.R.T goals to help the rep improve their performance and list them below. 

Follow up on progress

Confirm when you plan to follow up with the customer service representative to check their progress towards their SMART goals. 

Follow up:

Have the follow up conversation

Follow up with the customer service representative to see how they're progressing with towards their SMART goals. 

Set the date of the next review

Set the date for the customer service representative's next review. 

You can either set the date of the next review manually, using the date field below, or you can use the dynamic due dates feature so that you are automatically notified when the date of the next review is. 

Find out more about dynamic due dates here

Time to review!

It's to time to complete another customer service representative performance review! 


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