Employment background checks are vital for not only you as an employer but also for your company. As a hiring manager, it is your responsibility to exercise caution or due diligence by uncovering any potential complications a person may have in their past that they potentially could bring to the workplace.

If you fail to utilize your due diligence, and this person is hired and goes on to harm someone, steal, or carry out another act of illegality and there was evidence from their past that proved you were in a position to anticipate that this sort of behavior had the potential to happen again, as the employer could be sued for Negligent Hiring. 

That's why us over at Process Street created this checklist, to ensure you always choose the correct employee for the job!

Background Checks:

Record candidate details

First thing's first you're going to need to record the candidate's details you're performing the check on, on behalf of the hiring manager. Do so using the form fields below.

Perform drugs test

Once the candidate's details have been recorded, you are going to want to perform a drugs test on them. There are many reasons why working drug-free is important; one being that working on drugs can cause serious risk issues as the user's judgment can be impaired. 

Perform criminal background check

Criminal record background checks are mandatory checks for hiring because no employer wants to hire someone unsuitable for certain work roles.

If someone you are interested in hiring has convictions that would make them unsuitable for  certain roles and would also the company's creditability at risk. No one wants to do business with a company known for hiring people convicted of theft, fraud, and overall dishonesty.

Perform educational background check

Every day we hear reports on people lying about educational degrees and credentials to get hired.

It’s important to verify that your employment candidates have received the right educational degrees and credentials for employment because your reputation for providing high-quality products and services depend on the workforce you hire.

Perform credit check

Credit checks can't be carried out without the candidate's permission. If they give you permission to do this, this will allow you to find out if they're in debt, owe money to anyone and if hiring them will cause any problems for you as a company.

Perform references check

Too often hiring organizations treat the reference check stage as a necessary evil, as the last required stage before finalizing an offer. Not only will reference checking help you make the best hiring decision possible but it will also support the hired candidate’s successful transition into their new role. Using the form fields below, fill in the details of the candidate's given references.

Send results to hiring manager

Once you have the results that you have performed, send these back to the hiring manager. Do so using the form field below.


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