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The essential customer success book to boost MRR at your SaaS company

A SaaS company without a customer success system is like a lion without teeth. You can chase customers all you like, but when you catch them you’re thinking “now what?”.

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If you haven’t got a customer success team or set of processes in place at your SaaS company, it’s bad but not the end of the world.

Some SaaS companies are more self-serve than others, but all need a way to retain important customers and start exponentially compounding revenue.

This book for putting the systems in place to retain customers, whether that’s by learning about their problems or by properly onboarding them.

Better yet, it’s completely free.

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What’s in the ebook?

Still not sold?

Poor customer success rates leads to churn — customers cancelling their subscriptions. Since SaaS works with recurring billing, you need to focus on way more than winning customers. You need to focus on customer lifetime value.

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If anything can put in into perspective it’s that graph.

An adjustment of 8% to your churn rate (easily achievable with the techniques laid out in this book), can turn $700,000 MRR into $2,700,000 MRR. That’s a boost of 286% by making an adjustment to the customer journey that makes just 8% fewer customers cancel.

Communicate value to your customers

As I say in the book, “Every time your customers get the bill for your product through on their statement, they’re asking the question: This month, did this product save me more money than it cost me?”

While you either built or work closely with the product and know it inside out, it’s not that clear to your new customers. Maybe they watched a member your sales team use your software over a video chat, but when they try to do the same thing the next morning, they can’t figure it out. People are busy and can get frustrated easily, so if something they’re paying money for isn’t providing value, they’re going to get sick of it.

This book will teach you to show you customers what an awesome product you have.

Measure how healthy your current customer base is

Do you know how many customers are at risk of churning out? Do you know how many are raving fans? By calculating net promoter score (NPS)  you can measure the health of your SaaS company.

Your NPS score isn’t something you can conjure up with an algorithm, though. There are right and wrong ways to do it, and you’ll need to get your customers’ opinions one by one. When’s the best time to ask? What are some tools you can use? What do you do with the NPS score when you get it?

In this book, I want to show you how to check your SaaS company’s health. 🙂

Take the 3 first steps to patch up your leaky funnel and retain more customers

This isn’t a theoretical text book. While it does give you the information you need to know to make informed decisions, it also gives you step-by-step approaches and explanations on how you can execute them to kick things off.

In this book, you’ll learn how to:

Customer Success Steps

… And that’s just three of the steps.

Get exclusive insights from 14 world-class SaaS companies

Here ‘exclusive’ isn’t marketing hype. I interviewed 14 SaaS companies and distilled their advice into a 3,000 word guide at the end of the book, including a step-by-step A-Z process from the super-high touch SaaS company DoubleDutch in which they explain every stage of the customer journey and what they do to make that customer successful.

A taster from the interviewed companies:

  • Chameleon adds customers to their company Slack channel to get a chance to have informal conversations with them where they hang out.
  • DoubleDutch gives their customers a crash course in marketing to make sure their event is a success.
  • Lua infiltrates the organization, converting the project manager and letting them take care of customer success internally while supporting over phone and email.

Get full list of tips and complete processes in the book.

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Your journey to a happy, healthy customer base who stick around and keep paying their subscription will be a long one, with plenty of optimization, mistakes and experiments.

This book provides a great starting point, so you can make it easier for yourself, boost MRR and get happier customers who can’t stop raving about your product.

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