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Asana + Process Street Integration

Asana + Process Street Integration

Updated August 8, 2022

You can integrate Asana tasks with Process Street workflow runs using Zapier.

When you tag a task in Asana with a pre-defined tag, Zapier can automatically trigger workflow runs and paste the run URL into Asana. This means you can run blog pre-publish workflows without having to switch apps, and automatically keep a log of Process Street activity in Asana without copying and pasting.

Use case:

  • A company wants to use Asana to manage their blog content creation
  • The company wants to run a pre-publish workflow when the Asana task is tagged with “prepublish”, and then add the workflow run URL to Asana for easy access

Users: In order to create an API key for integrations, you must be an Administrator.

Process overview:

  • We will add a hidden field to a Process Street workflow
  • We will create a zap in Zapier to run a Process Street workflow when a task is tagged in Asana
  • We will create another zap in Zapier to listen for new workflow runs
  • We will configure the zap to paste the workflow run URL back into the Asana task

Let’s look at how we can do this.

How to run a Process Street workflow from Asana

Zapier is an integration platform that connects over 2000 different apps. Any action in any of the supported apps (like forwarding an email or adding an attachment to a task) can trigger another app’s features automatically. Zapier integrates with both Asana and Process Street. The whole “recipe” sequence is known as a zap.

In this article, we’ll be walking you through how to set up a zap that links Asana and Process Street to run a workflow when a task is tagged in Asana.

Add a hidden field to your chosen Process Street workflow

Zapier needs to know which Asana tasks are associated with which Process Street workflow runs. To make that possible, you need to add a hidden field to the Process Street workflow you want to run automatically from Asana. In this example, we’ve chosen a blog pre-publish workflow – a list of items you should check off before publishing a blog post.

Grab the Blog pre-publish workflow used in this example here:

Edit your workflow, and add a hidden form field anywhere you like (into a task or a heading) as shown below.

I’ve called the field “Asana Task ID” so I can more easily distinguish it in Zapier’s configuration menus. Save changes to your workflow after you’ve added your hidden field.

Create a zap that runs a workflow when you tag an Asana task

Log into Zapier or create an account, then click “Create zap“.

Choose Asana for the trigger step, and select the “Tag Added to Task” trigger.

Connect your Asana account and click “Continue“.

Specify the tag in the next step and click “Continue“.

Next you’ll want to test your trigger. For this to pull sample data into Zapier, you’ll need to have a task with your chosen tag added to it in Asana.

A successful test should look something like this:

Click “Continue” and move onto the action step.

Choose Process Street and select “Run Workflow” as the action. Click “Continue“.

Connect your Process Street account and continue to set up the action.

Select the same workflow to which you added the hidden field earlier, and select the name of the workflow run to be the same as your task name in Asana.

Make sure you push the Asana task ID to the Asana Task ID hidden field you set up earlier, or the next parts won’t work.

Optional: Assign (add) a user to the workflow each time it runs, and give it a due date. This assigns someone to the whole workflow run and sets a due date for it. If you are using task assignments and task due dates in your Process Street workflow, you can to leave these fields blank.

Click “Continue” and test your action. This should create a workflow run which you’ll be able to find in your reports area.

Turn on your zap.

Create another zap to push the workflow run URL back to Asana

To make sure you keep track of your workflow runs, and to avoid searching around and wasting time, it would be ideal if the automation you set up passed information back to Asana. In this case, it’s the workflow run URL.

The zap you’re about to create will listen for each time that workflow is run, and send the URLs to their respective Asana tasks.

Make a new zap, and choose the Process Street “New Workflow Run” trigger.

Click “Continue” and connect your Process Street account.

After the trigger, you’ll need to make a filter to ensure the zap only fires when a relevant workflow is run. Select your workflow and click “Continue“.

Test your trigger and pull through sample data from your newly run workflow. Click “Continue” and add a Filter by Zapier into step 2.

With the configuration below, the zap doesn’t run unless the hidden field you created earlier was filled with an Asana task ID. Choose your Asana task ID form field and then choose “Exists” from the dropdown. Click “Continue“.

The next step is a Search Action step. When executed as part of the zap, Asana will search for a task name that matches the Process Street workflow run name.

Click the small + icon to add a third step to your zap.

Select Asana and the action event as “Find task in project” and then click “Continue“.

Connect your Asana account and then continue to set up the action step.

Enter your Asana workspace, project name and the task name (which is the workflow run name from step 1).

Click “Continue” and test your action. Click the + icon again to add a 4th step to your zap.

Choose Asana and for the action “Update Task” then click “Continue“.

The Asana task ID is then fed into the next step (choose this from the custom tab) and your Process Street workflow run URL is pushed into the task’s notes.

Click “Continue” and test your action. Your URL should appear in the notes field in your Asana task.

Make 100% sure that the integration is working by checking your zap logs inside Zapier.

Give your zap a name and turn it on.

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