Task Due Dates

You can set due dates on your tasks to make sure that everything is completed on schedule.

When a task is due the people or groups assigned to that task will be sent an email reminder.

Once a task is overdue, it will turn red so you know it’s time to either complete the task or update the due date.

task due dates

Setting task due dates

To set a due date for a task in a checklist, open it and then click on the “Due date” button at the top of the task.


Select the date and time you want the task to be due for, then click “Save”.


Presetting task due dates

To preset task due dates in all checklists run from a template, you need to be editing the template. Do this by clicking the cog next to its name in your dashboard, then clicking “Edit this template”.

Open the task you want to set the due date on, then click the “Due date” button at the top of the task. The difference here is that you need to select the time after a checklist is run that the task will be due.

For example, rather than setting a set due date for a checklist’s task, you’ll set the task to be “due after 10 minutes”, and so on.


Once you’ve set the due time, click “Save” to confirm, then click “Save changes” to save the template. Now, when a checklist is run from that template, the task will already have a due date set.

Viewing due dates

Due dates set on tasks will be displayed in the main task list (much like the assigned users) and at the top of a task if it is open.


Note that preset due dates in templates will display as “Due after XXX”.

If a task is overdue in a checklist, the due date will turn red, making it more easily visible.

Removing due dates

To remove a due date from tasks in a template or checklist, once again click on the due date and then click “Remove”.



Task Assignments

Task due dates are most useful when combined with task assignments, since only people assigned to the task will be notified about due dates. Click here to read task assignments article.

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