Comment Attachments

Process Street lets you upload attachments to checklists in the comments section.

This allows you to communicate with other users in your organization with ease.

Users: All users can add task comments.

How to add task comments

Start by opening the checklist you want to comment on, click to select a task, then scroll to the bottom of your task and either drag a file into the comment box or click “Attach” and browse for a file.

Note: You can attach one file at a time as long as it’s within the file upload limit, but since there is no storage limit on your account, you can attach as many files as you need.


You can use comment attachments to trigger an automation. For example, when someone attaches a file to the comments, this automatically saves to a folder of your choice in Google Drive or Dropbox (or wherever you choose).

Comment Attachments and Comments are two of the four triggers that you can use in Zapier integrations with Process Street.


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