What Happens When My Free Trial Finishes?

At the end of your trial period on Process Street, you can choose to stay on the Free plan or subscribe to the Pro or Enterprise plans (depending on your team’s size).

Full Members, Free Members and Guests will be able to access your account, however, Admins will be prompted to subscribe to a plan to continue to access the platform.

If you choose to stay on the free plan, there is a limit on the number of active workflows and workflow runs you can have (5 each) so you may need to archive some to remain below the limit. Learn how to archive workflows or workflow runs.

You can have a maximum of 5 Full Members on the free plan, but you can add as many (unlimited) Free Members as you like. If you need more than 5 Full Members, you can move to the Pro plan, or if you’d like to reduce the number of members you can do that from your members and guests page.

If you choose not to continue onto a subscription right away, all your workflows, workflow runs and Pages will remain in your account and still be accessible to your team (unless you ask us to delete your account).

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