Introducing Inbox: The Fastest Way to Manage Your Tasks in Process Street

introducing inboxAre you scrambling to keep up with your tasks and stay on top of priorities?

With tasks scattered all over the internet and no concrete place to see everything in one list, it’s not only difficult to manage your work — it’s nerve-wracking.

Enter Inbox for Process Street — making task and process management as easy as working through a single list.

Add an assignee to a task within a larger process, and the task will appear in their inbox. Due dates help you straighten your priorities, hit project deadlines, and show your team what they should be working on first.

Let’s take a look at how Inbox can make you more productive.

What is Inbox?

In Process Street you create templates which outline your business processes. These templates are then run as checklists. Each checklist will contain a range of different tasks which need to be completed to get the job done.

Because Process Street is a powerful tool for teams to manage and execute their recurring processes, you can assign either whole checklists or single tasks to individuals.

You could have a checklist where every task is assigned to a different person, if you wanted to!

We want to make sure that every member who is assigned tasks within an organization can see those tasks in one consolidated view, so they know exactly what they have to do and when they have to do it.

This is Inbox.

You can see every task assigned to you in one place by going into your Process Street inbox.

(Click here to check out your inbox now)

Tasks and checklists with set due dates will be displayed in the order you have to do them, giving you an easy way to check on your most urgent priorities and make sure you and your team aren’t forgetting anything.

Check tasks off, snooze them, or filter the list to see the overdue and upcoming tasks of any member of your team.

When you organize and track your tasks with Process Street, it’s always simple to see what you and your team need to work on next.

Here’s an explanation of Inbox’s features.

Complete tasks without searching through checklists

Complete tasks straight from Inbox, and quickly process work you don’t need an explanation for. This helps your whole team keep on track by making it super easy to mark work as complete.

Snooze tasks for later to hit inbox zero

You want your inbox to be a list of tasks that need your attention right now. If something isn’t urgent, or needs to be addressed next week, just snooze it.

Hover over the task and hit the snooze button. Choose when you’re next able to give it your attention, and rest easy in the knowledge that it’ll be brought back up when the time is right.

Snoozed tasks will move to the Upcoming tab, along with any other tasks that have future due dates.

Open tasks to get more information

Click a task, and it’ll pop out for you to read more information. This saves you from having to load up the full checklist, and you can hit escape at any time to return to your inbox.

This is useful for when you need to complete form fields inside tasks, like a client’s name or a lead ID.

Ensure tasks aren’t forgotten with required fields, stop tasks, and Inbox

Tasks with required fields can’t be completed by just checking them off inside Inbox view. These will need to be completed inside the checklist itself, which can be accessed by clicking the task in Inbox. Adding required fields or stop tasks to your tasks makes it impossible for your team to accidentally dismiss a task or hit inbox zero without providing the necessary information.

When a user tries to check a task off without completing the required fields, they’ll get an error.

The same goes for stop tasks, which you can use to enforce a specific order of task completion in a checklist. Checklists with stop tasks will also give the user an error if they try to prematurely tick it off to clear their inbox.

Plan your week with upcoming tasks

While your inbox shows overdue tasks or assigned tasks with no due date, your upcoming view shows your tasks due in the future. With this view, you can track your upcoming work and plan tasks accordingly.

See your team’s task lists by switching inboxes

You can get a quick look at your team’s tasks by switching over to their inbox view. This is useful for meetings when you want to review the pending work of a team or individual, or when you need to assess workloads.

Search your inbox to find the right tasks

Inbox comes with a built-in search, which is handy for when you want to filter your tasks by the template they’re based on, the checklist name, or task name.

You can also search inside other people’s inboxes, or in the upcoming tab.

Get started using Inbox

Inbox is a totally new way to use Process Street.

It helps teams organize their work on a task-by-task basis, and ensures nothing gets overlooked or is left incomplete. It’s a way for managers to make team members accountable for their work, and for employees to check their most pressing priorities and upcoming tasks.

Any assigned tasks appear in the assignee’s inbox, so to get started you just need to make sure you’re assigning work inside Process Street.

To see your inbox and the inboxes of your team, just click the Inbox button in the top bar inside the app, or, if you’re logged in, click here.

Let us know in the comments below how you’re using Inbox to supercharge your team’s work!

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