5 Checklists to Help Life Coaches Transform Their Clients


Sometimes we all need a helping hand, whether it be choosing a meal at a restaurant or figuring out how to achieve our career ambitions.

When it comes to life itself, well, most of us are never really sure if we are on the right track, especially in today’s world where opportunities are endless and everything is moving at breakneck speed.

It can all feel rather overwhelming.

An increasingly popular method of addressing the general hardships of life is to work with a life coach – somebody tasked with helping you identify your goals and developing an actionable plan to achieve them.

In short, life coaches are there to help you address the big issues and challenges that life presents, so you can move forward with your head held high.

On the other hand, by taking on the role of a life coach, you must possess the qualifications, skill, and expertise to effectively encourage your clients to clarify their ambitions and provide them with the tools they need to pursue them.

We’ve gone ahead and created 5 checklists designed to empower life coaches and their clients so that both parties get the most out of the coaching process.

3 of the checklists are modeled after processes created by a handful of world-renowned life coaches – Brian Tracy, Lisa A. Romano, and Tony Robbins. The remaining two are more general checklists that can be used in almost any context.

If you want to dive in and go straight to the checklists, there are quick links right below. Otherwise, scroll down for a brief intro to each one.

Checklists for life coaches: Quicklinks

Tony Robbins: Morning Routine


You’ve almost definitely heard of Tony Robbins. He is arguably the world’s most famous life and business coach, impacting the lives of millions around the world.

To be as active as someone like Tony, you need to have a pretty badass morning routine. That is a no-brainer.

So, to help you channel your inner Tony, we’ve created this checklist. It follows his morning routine almost exactly. The only exception is the workout sections which we’ve adapted slightly to be suitable for everybody (Tony has some pretty fancy workout equipment that most of us don’t have in our own home!).

If you have any clients that are struggling with their mornings and are looking for ways to be more productive, this would be a great checklist to send them.

Click here to get the Tony Robbins morning routine checklist

Lisa A. Romano: Overcoming Negative Self-Talk


Let’s be honest, we all face the struggles of negative self-talk on a daily basis. In fact, I’m doing a bit of it right now.

Negative thoughts are inescapable, and so we must recognize that our effort to overcome them should not be directed at trying to escape them, but rather to acknowledge them and recognize them for what they really are – just thoughts.

Lisa A. Romano is a life coach and bestselling author who has helped thousands of people take control of their lives and re-frame their thought process to be positive, optimistic and self-fulfilling.

Helping people overcome co-dependence is her area of specialization.

She has a tried and tested method for overcoming negative self-talk that we’ve adapted into an actionable checklist for your clients.

The process begins with simply observing your thoughts, disassociating yourself from them, writing them down from an objective point of view, and then visualizing a couple of scenarios to contextualize the negative thoughts on the one hand, and the re-framed positive thoughts on the other.

Click here to get the Lisa A. Romano overcoming negative self-talk checklist

Brian Tracy: Public Speech Preparation


Most of us are intimidated by the prospect of speaking in public, perhaps even fearful. But imagine if delivering a speech in public was something that you were really excited about and felt truly confident in your ability.

Well, it all comes down to preparation, and with a proven formula, the process is a whole lot easier.

Brian Tracy is one of the world’s most famous motivational public speakers who is the author of numerous self-development books.

He has designed a process for preparing for public speeches that is incredibly simple and effective, and so we thought it was an excellent option for a digital checklist.

It’s also a particularly useful checklist because it is equally applicable to the life coach and their client. If you, as the life coach, have an upcoming talk, or if your client is an individual who frequently delivers public speeches, you can both use the same checklist to prepare!

Click here to get the Brian Tracy public speech preparation checklist

Client Intake Session Checklist


This is undeniably one of the most important processes for a life coach.

Someone who is struggling and looking for help comes through the door. The initial meeting or “intake session” will set the foundation for the relationship and is your opportunity to understand what is going through their mind and clearly communicate how you can help.

This checklist, designed to be followed during an intake session, will guide you through all of the questions that should be asked and items that should be discussed so that you both leave feeling optimistic about the future and looking forward to the next session (which you hopefully booked!)

Click here to get the client intake session checklist

SMART Goal Setting Checklist


Setting and achieving actionable goals is a core responsibility for any life coach.

We all have our different methods for setting goals, but the SMART method is an excellent approach because it covers all bases and leaves no room for misunderstanding.

If you don’t already know, SMART stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound.

By providing your clients with this checklists, you are enabling them to set actionable goals that they will feel motivated to achieve.

It is an incredibly simple checklist that can be completed either together during a session, or by the client at home in their own time.

For example, let’s say you’ve spent a session focusing solely on the client’s goals for the next 6 months. You’ve noted these goals down with pen and paper, and now would like your client to go home and build out the goals into SMART goals by filling out this checklist for each goal. That way, you can review the goals together in the next session and develop an action plan to achieve them.

Click here to get the SMART goal setting checklist

A handful of other useful resources

Have these checklists left you looking for more?

Well, Process Street has a bunch of other great resources that you may want to explore.

Here are some of our most popular blog posts that relate to life coaching and personal development in general:

Finally, below is a daily routine checklist that can help you organize your time and improve productivity. Something almost all of us could do with!

I hope you find these checklists useful in helping your clients set and achieve their goals! Are there any other life coach processes that you think would make excellent checklists? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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