8 Logistics Management Processes to Perfect Your Supply Chain

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No matter what kind of business you’re in, if you have a supply chain then it’s vital that you have a system of logistics management processes to guide how that chain runs.

Without set, trackable methods for ordering and managing stock, fulfilling customer orders, inspecting your facilities and so on, you’re leaving the success of your business (and the level of waste) up to random human error.

One participant described a customer who used air freight for items that went into long-term inventory. Another recounted how individuals ordered 100 units of a product which they had not even used 30 units of in the previous year. Uncoordinated buying led to different groups in the same facility paying different prices for the same goods and ordering uneconomically small quantities.” – MIT Center for Transportation and LogisticsA Sickly Supply Chain

To stop this kind of inefficiency and needless waste, we here at Process Street have created these 8 free logistics management templates.

By running these checklists you can make sure that your entire supply chain is consistently up to safety and efficiency standards. This means fewer wasted resources and a tighter delivery loop for your customers.

Using these, any faults in your business logistics can be traced back to the checklist that was run, and the person who performed (or perhaps neglected) the process.

Whether you’re looking to ensure the condition and security of your vehicles, forklifts, and shipping containers, or you just want a documented method for fulfilling customer orders, this post has the perfect template for you to follow.

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8 business logistics management templates

Facility inspection checklist

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Managing a logistics facility can be a nightmare. From hazardous chemicals and large moving vehicles to the simple nightmare of running out of printer ink before a vital meeting, there are countless potential roadblocks in both you and your employees’ paths.

All of that pain can be eliminated, however, by running this facility inspection checklist just once every month.

Although this checklist doesn’t cover all safety regulations (that’s for a template further down this post), it will let you consistently check anything and everything that can get in your employees’ way and prevent them doing their tasks when they next clock on.

From restocking water coolers and toiletries to fueling vehicles and checking safety equipment, this checklist contains everything you need to make sure your facility is prepared for your employees to get to work straight away when they clock in.

Click here to get the facility inspection checklist.

Forklift inspection checklist

logistics management - forklift inspection checklist header

Performing regular forklift inspections is vital to any operation uses them frequently. Aside from the inconvenience of having a forklift break down in the middle of lifting a heavy object, a lack of at least monthly inspections poses an incredibly large safety hazard to the operator and those around them.

At the same time, having regular inspections and documenting them effectively can prove difficult. Not only do you have to consistently perform every necessary check, but you also need to store each inspection in a way that can be easily reviewed later on. If a forklift breaks down unexpectedly, you need to be able to access the last inspection was carried out in order to see if the problem could have been avoided.

That’s where this forklift inspection checklist comes in.

Aside from giving you specific instructions to follow to effectively assess every forklift, this checklist can be scheduled to run every month so that you don’t even need to worry about triggering it. The person responsible for the inspection can even be automatically assigned to the checklist when it is due.

Click here to get the forklift inspection checklist.

Inventory management process

logistics management - inventory management process header

An inventory management process isn’t the first thing that springs to mind when you’re creating your logistics management templates. Without a system in place, however, you’re leaving your stock levels and storage up to random chance and human error.

46% of SMBs either don’t track inventory or use a manual method.” – Andrew Marder10 Shocking Inventory Management Statistics

Couple the above with the fact that, on average, U.S. businesses have $1.43 of inventory for every $1 in sales, and you have a potentially endless cycle of overspending and overstocking.

Don’t fall into the trap of wasting money on stock you don’t need due to inaccurate figures or improper storage. Use this inventory management process instead.

By running this checklist whenever you need to order new stock you can order exactly what you need, store it efficiently, set up anything which requires it, and stop wasting money on items you just don’t need.

Click here to get the inventory management process.

ISO container inspection checklist

logistics management - ISO container inspection checklist header

It’s all too easy to take your shipping containers for granted, but if you aren’t carefully keeping track of their condition you stand to lose everything they contain when the whole thing gives way. With around 90% of purchased items traveling by ISO container at some point, that’s one risk any large business can’t afford to take.

Hence why we created this ISO container inspection checklist. By following the checks described here you (or anyone you assign to it) and be 100% certain of the condition of your containers and have documented information on every defect, no matter how minor.

You can easily inspect bulks of containers one after the other with this checklist, since it takes you through checks with the efficiency of an assembly line. All you have to do is check every side of the container as laid out inside, and look for each element in the task’s sub-checklists.

Click here to get the ISO container inspection checklist.

Order fulfillment

logistics management - order fulfillment header

When a customer orders an item they expect it to be delivered on time, in good condition, and with regular updates or some kind of tracking system. On a small scale this isn’t a problem – you can oversee the packaging and delivery yourself, so there’s no question that everything’s done correctly.

However, as soon as you grow, expand your staff, and gain more customers, you’ll soon get to a stage where you can’t oversee this process.

You need to be sure that whoever you’ve delegated is performing the necessary steps to keep everything on track.

Enter our order fulfillment checklist.

Using this you can sit safely in the knowledge that every order you have will be fulfilled with the same accuracy as the last. Nothing (including special delivery preferences or add-ons) will slip through the cracks, since your various departments can all work from this single source of information.

Click here to get the order fulfillment checklist.

Order processing checklist

logistics management - order processing checklist header

If our order fulfillment checklist was a little too in-depth for your operations, you can instead use this order processing checklist. These two templates let you do effectively the same thing, but order processing focuses on a high-level overview with a little more attention to customer feedback.

This is a great alternative to make sure that your customers’ orders are processed and fulfilled effectively and in a trackable manner, but while keeping a high-level, top-down approach to the process. Instead of monitoring every step and having any number of different people working on the same process, this checklist can be kept to managers only, thus avoiding a little clutter.

Click here to get the order processing checklist.

Vehicle inspection checklist

logistics management - vehicle inspection checklist header

Whether you’re using cars, vans, or trucks in your business, you need to be inspecting them for damage and faults at least once every year. Even if your location doesn’t legally require these inspections, the damage a broken vehicle causes to your business’ operations can be catastrophic.

Put it this way – at best you’re going to have to tow the vehicle to a safe location and find a replacement, with a minor delay to regular operations if you have another vehicle handy. At worst you’re going to miss your delivery deadlines until the vehicle’s fixed, inconveniencing both your company and customers and costing a large chunk of unbudgeted money for repairs.

Don’t get caught off guard. By just running this vehicle inspection checklist once a year for each vehicle, you’ll have an accurate picture of the condition your fleet is in, what potential work is required, how much that work will cost, and how long the vehicle will be out of action for.

Click here to get the vehicle inspection checklist.

Warehouse safety checklist

logistics management - warehouse safety checklist header

From faucets to forklifts and stairs to storage, by running this monthly warehouse safety checklist you’ll have every aspect of your warehouse examined and brought up to industry safety standards.

Slip and fall accidents make up 15 percent of all accidental deaths, 25 percent of all injury claims and… 95 million lost work days each year.” – Koke Inc.Shocking Safety Warehouse Statistics

Aside from keeping your employees healthy and on the job, this checklist also serves as protection against breaches of workplace safety (thus giving you greater security against lawsuits and injury payouts). If something goes wrong, you’ll know that the fault lies with either the person who ran the last checklist or the person who got injured, rather than anything on your end.

Click here to get the warehouse safety checklist.

Use these checklists to supercharge your logistics management

Logistics management can be a nightmare of conflicting information and messy data strings, but by using the checklists above you can bring order to that chaos. The best part is that both the checklists and a Process Street account to use and track them are completely free.

By switching your BPM software over to Process Street you can create an effective business system, reduce human error, and skyrocket your efficiency.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for a free acount today at

Are there any logistics management processes you think we missed? Let us know in the comments below and we might turn your suggestion into a template!

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