How We Use Saved Views in Process Street Reports to Track Work in Our Marketing Team

marketing team work tracking reports

According to ITSMA and Vision Edge Marketing, 74% of marketers don’t keep track of their efforts. This is problematic as it means marketing teams aren’t able to report on how their efforts impact the business as a whole.

At Process Street, we make sure our marketing operations are documented, tracked, and easy to understand, so we can stay on top of our marketing OKRs and ensure they align with top-level company goals. To do this, we utilize Process Street‘s saved view feature.

The saved view gives a summary of workflow data. You can customize these views and present the data to suit your needs. For our marketing team, this means work is tracked and can be easily correlated with internal OKRs. Saved views have helped our marketers gather data, detect patterns, and keep their work on track.

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What are Process Street reports and saved views?

Process Street reports allow you to see, manage, and create saved views for your workflow runs in one place.

Process Street’s reports feature is located on the top left-hand side of the home view screen, as shown in the image below.

Process Street reports

Here you’ll find four pre-made saved views, ready for you to use right away. These pre-made saved views include workflows named:

  • Active Workflow Runs
  • Assigned to Me
  • Overdue
  • Recently Completed

Saved views examples

On top of these pre-made views, you can create your own saved views. By creating your own, you can tailor the view to include information that’s important for you and your goals.

For more information on how you can create your own saved views in Process Street, read Process Street’s Reports Help page.

Creating unique saved views from scratch is something that’s helped Process Street’s marketing department immensely. In this article, we explain how.

How our marketing department use Process Street Reports to keep track of work

In our marketing team here at Process Street, we use Reports to create powerful saved views that allow us to gather information, detect patterns in data, and keep teamwork on track.

Here are a few of our internal processes where saved views have really helped us to work better:

  • Offsite co-marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Content collaboration

So how exactly have saved views helped us work better?

Keeping track of work (Kanban style) in our offsite co-marketing

When it comes to marketing, it’s important that our Comarketing Coordinator Karolina Lasocki can act fast. Her work depends on being able to follow up quickly and coordinate on important action items like co-hosted podcasts & webinars, newsletter collaborations, guest posts, and social media cross-promotion of all kinds. These kinds of tasks can sometimes have small windows of opportunity, and it’s important for us to be able to keep track of where along in the process we are so we don’t miss big opportunities.

Basically, saved views allow us to see a high-level overview of work done in a simple, intuitive layout. It’s basically a Kanban board for your workflows.

Here’s an example of how we use saved views for our comarketing content collaboration process:marketing team work tracking reports

As you can see, we have columns for work completed up to a certain point. You can call these columns whatever you like, based on whatever a task is called in the checklist. You could create a setup with “Upcoming”, “In Progress”, “Reviewing”, “Done”, etc. and essentially what you have is a Kanban board.

Not only does our saved view feature aid teamwork internally, but it also keeps our external communications and teamwork on point. For instance, Process Street has a Slack channel to maintain our valuable PR relations. A new chat is set up every time a workflow is ran for a high-value negotiation. Our marketing team can use the saved view feature to double-check whether high-value negotiations have their associated Slack chat set up. This makes sure the appropriate level of communication is maintained for strong collaborative relationships.

By supporting internal and external teamwork, saved views help our marketing team perform like a well-oiled machine. When our team has full transparency over who is doing what and when, it improves productivity and prevents hiccups, meaning our marketing team can consistently deliver on Process Street‘s business objectives.

Gathering information and tracking data with social media marketing

Take our social media marketing saved view as an example. This view shows the social media followings for the different companies we collaborate with. The view also gathers data to present the specialties and target audiences for these collaborative companies. This information is used to determine the collaboration and co-marketing value.

From this saved view, our marketing team can see right away how a collaborator’s social media following compares to ours. Keeping track of this data is important as it determines the type of collaboration offered. For example, a company could have a stronger Facebook following than us, but we’ll have more LinkedIn followers. In this scenario, we would collaborate on mutually beneficial social cross-promotions where the content adds value to both of our audiences.

Another example to consider would be our offsite co-marketing saved view. Keeping track of our offsite co-marketing collaborations allows our team to continuously build relationships with other marketing teams and work together to create valuable content (i.e., newsletter swaps, webinar cross-collaborations, guest podcasts, documenting shared integrations, and signal-boosting other great content from top-tier tech blogs).

Also, team members can add comments to flag areas of concern. For instance, some companies were interested in collaborating, but internal issues meant they couldn’t at the moment the negotiation was offered. This information is then stored in the saved view so that team members can easily read the comments at a later date and be fully aware of the situation at hand.

Keeping track of data, recording information, and presenting this in an easily digestible way gives transparency to our marketing team’s work. Then we can see what tasks add the most business value.

Detecting patterns in our content collaboration data

Saved views give a visual representation of marketing operations for big-picture thinking.

Consider our content collaboration saved view. From this view, our marketing team can instantaneously see whether a backlink exchange has been negotiated, plus whether further negotiations have been set up. The value trend of negotiations is determine – i.e., we ask if more value to a negotiation can be added. For instance, if a backlink swap has been handled, the marketing team considers adding further value by persuing a guest post exchange.

In addition, our marketing team can see the value of the negotiations made. Negotiation values are rated on a scale from 1-5 (5 being the highest value). If the majority of the content collaborations set up have a value of 1-3, then this tells the marketing team they need to focus their efforts on securing higher-value collaboration opportunities.

Essentially, smart views show our marketing team patterns in negotiation value (e.g., how a collaboration opportunity benefits Process Street on the whole). Once more, this information can be exported into Google Sheets, for greater customization. There’s no need to search for data between one workflow and another, as needed details are compiled into the saved view. This reduces manual labor when looking for data patterns and trends.

Create your own saved views in Process Street to track work within your marketing team

Creating saved views is an easy way to track and manage your marketing team’s work.

Whether you’re gathering information, looking for data patterns, or simply making sure tasks are completed as and when they should be, saved views allows you to keep track of all your marketing efforts all from your Process Street account.

Click here to learn how to create a saved view in Process Street to align your marketing operations with your business goals.

How do you keep track of your marketing efforts? What applications and tools do you use? Have you created your own saved view in Process Street? We’d love to hear from you, please comment below!

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