Where to Start With Agile Software Development

In this episode of the Business Systems Explored podcast we talk to Tom Cagely, the host of SPaMcast and Agile expert, about Agile software development. 


When it comes to agile software development, it can be hard to get a comprehensive place to start. Thankfully, this week we speak to Agile veteran and host of SPaMcast, Tom Cagley. Tom goes through the whole Agile process, from tools to best practices. He explains it simply enough for anyone to understand, but also lets us in on a few advanced techniques that surprised us.

Whether you’re actually managing a software team, or just looking to work more efficiently, Agile is well worth adopting in your business. It was born out of the same movement as the lean startup, so you may be already familiar with it, but there’s always room for improvement. Listen to this podcast to learn more.

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“The perfect user story helps the developer know when they’re accidentally ‘gold-plating’ the feature” (tweet this)

Show notes

  • How to use agile to build an effective product
  • Agile explained for non-software developers
  • What scrum’s all about
  • Applying agile to anything, not just software
  • Using agile methodology to manage the content creation process at Process Street
  • Should you have customers do the testing for you?
  • The best tool to catch spelling errors
  • …And the best tool to ensure your blogging is clear and concise
  • Agile best practices
  • Tracking a sprint and managing the agile process
  • How long you should work on a user story for
  • Getting user stories from real users, not just the product team
  • The ‘3 amigos’ technique for user stories
  • The role of the product owner when writing user stories
  • How the Lean Startup world and Agile go hand in hand
  • The difference between epic user stories and user stories
  • Tom critiques some of our user stories at Process Street
  • How automated testing works (explained in simple terms)
  • Applying continuous testing to making a pizza
  • How Kanban boards are used in agile
  • The origins of Kanban boards
  • What on Earth ‘scrumban’ is
  • The interesting behavior people display when competing to develop software
  • What a spike is
  • Similarities between Business Model Canvas and Agile
  • Where to start with agile software development — Tom’s recommended resources
  • How to do a retrospective with your team
  • The parallels between growth hacking and software development
  • Creating a ‘culture of testing’ in your team

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