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Why Working For a Startup is Like Being Lost in Space

working for a startup

Working at a startup, you can often feel like you’re lost in space — thrown into the unknown, feeling lost and confused.

It’s a strange world, and something you have to quickly adjust to if you’re going to survive. The hours are longer, the workflow is intense and the expectations are like nothing you’ll have known before.

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Flic Review: 19 Flic Use Cases That are More Appealing Than Tweeting About Your Lunch

Flic Review

On April 18th Zapier announced their newest integration with the Swedish smart button called Flic. I’m not known to go insane when finding out about apps and integrations – in fact, a year ago I probably didn’t know what an app means (no, I’m not kidding). But working for a SaaS startup has made me put on my techy pants and actually follow the news and trends.

However, nothing prepared me for this!

I love Zapier – we all here at Process Street do. (If you don’t believe me just check out Ben Mulholland’s author page, not only are most articles about Zapier, he wrote a 111-page ebook about it — download HERE). But this integration made me drop everything and enthuse to my husband about all the things I’ve always wanted to do but couldn’t because this didn’t previously exist.

Now don’t get me wrong – I absolutely adore the idea of pressing a button to inform the world of the fancy brunch I’m about to have with my girlfriends. But being a 20-something startup employee with a tech-obsessed husband and a new found interest in apps made me think of all the more everyday uses for this invention.

I’m not going to bore you with the specific details of my personal life but I will let you in on my 19 Flic use cases that might (without exaggeration) change my life, and yours.

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How to Use Evernote to Optimize Your Writing Workflow

Life before Evernote

When my husband told me I should use Evernote (for the millionth time), I stubbornly refused and argued that it’s confusing and wouldn’t help one bit.

Why would it? How can doing extra tasks improve my writing workflow?

And, to be fair – English isn’t my first language, nor is tech talk. I was scared I wouldn’t understand what it tells me to do, I would probably end up breaking the internet and using Word again.

The last push was joining Process Street. Compared to my fast, techy co-workers I was the slowest. So, once again, I was advised to give Evernote a try. Who am I to argue? … Right?

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