How TechMD Use Process Street to Manage All Their Recurring Processes

TechMD is an award-winning IT solutions firm specializing in strategic consulting and managed services. To help TechMD manage cybersecurity operations and client workloads, the company turned to Process Street to facilitate the necessary process management efforts.

We spoke with company President Sebastian Igreti about TechMD’s experience of Process Street.

The TechMD Story

TechMD is helping companies move away from traditional ways of managing IT and IT services. Through the use of cloud technologies, TechMD helps create the secure scalable infrastructure which can support growing businesses. Igreti prides himself on the business’ ability to offer enterprise-level services to small and medium sized organizations.

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TechMD needs to be able to manage large volumes of client data with the utmost care and precision. To do this, TechMD employs strong process management techniques.

TechMD uses Process Street for:

  • Employee onboarding
  • Employee offboarding
  • Accounting processes
  • Emergency response plans
  • Customer service tickets

They’ve benefited from implementing Process Street by:

  • Making efficiency savings
  • Cutting time
  • Being able to review previous client interactions
  • Improving their process optimization


The initial challenge for TechMD was not just documenting processes but making those processes actionable and providing review potential.

Before using Process Street, TechMD had used checklists and had a series of places where checklists might exist across different teams. What they lacked was a centralized storage system where all the checklists could be easily found, and employees could develop their own checklist for use by them or others. “We’ve used checklists in the past. What we didn’t have was a checklist management system that puts everything in one place and allows everybody to develop checklists and access them easily. Process Street does that really well; there’s clarity on where checklists are and when they’re being used. We want a checklist library type of a system, and that’s what we’ve found in Process Street and more.”

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Streamlining their business with Process Street

The closest set up to Process Street which TechMD had utilized prior was a combination of their internal knowledge base and ITGlue. However, the team found that while they could document a checklist in ITGlue, there was no way to check it was being followed. We had checklists documented in ITGlue, but there was no way to track if a checklist was followed because it’s a plain document.”

TechMD found that these improved process documentation and management practices were saving time, raising efficiency, and contributing to the bottom line.


At TechMD the team have experienced these efficiency savings and can sleep soundly knowing they followed security requirements to the tee for their client’s data.

However, Process Street hasn’t just made certain tasks easier or faster, it has also been able to add a new dimension to some of the existing processes.

Utilizing Process Street for customer facing services like customer success has inserted an extra step of review. TechMD tries to include checklists for all customer facing activity to make sure they are as thorough and as professional as possible. This has resulted in being able to review completed checklists further down the line to assess how the process was followed.

If a client is unhappy, for example, the team can review the checklist from the last interaction to see what occurred and whether the process was followed. From there, the team are able to address the immediate concerns of the customer more effectively plus able to analyse their own process to see whether an improvement to the process could have saved the situation. “We include the checklist for the work we do which impacts clients. If customer satisfaction on a given ticket isn’t good, the first thing we do is check if the Process Street checklist has been followed properly. If it has been then we have to look to improve the process.”

This built in optimization and review potential has allowed TechMD to naturally improve their services and processes in unison.

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Taking it to the next level

TechMD already utilize Process Street across a range of operations and for different teams, however they recognize that there is still space for further expansion and utilization, even in unexpected areas. Igreti provides an example of a new use case he’s employing Process Street for in the business: “I have a monthly town hall where we have a company-wide meeting and that requires the input of a lot of people in the organization. So I use a Process Street checklist for that which assigns out tasks for everybody involved. We use it to collect information rather than have emails going round back and forth.”

With the launch of Inbox, TechMD found it a really useful feature in being able to build out easy organization across the team. With the continual addition of new features, automations, and new ways to use the product, Process Street has been able to improve our client’s experience of our services.

It’s in this same vein that TechMD are excited about integrating conditional logic into their checklists as they roll out more across the company. This feature will allow for greater complexity and flexibility for the staff who use the checklists each day. “The conditional stuff is going to be really huge for us!”

We’re excited to help TechMD continue their efforts toward a complete systemization of their business!

“As we upload more and more of our processes and document even more, I definitely see Process Street being used more and more often!”

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