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Ascertain Amazon best selling products

Check Amazon to find the best selling products within your industry. 

Make a list of the best selling products sold by stores that are targeting a similar audience to yours. 

Click this link to go to the Amazon Best Sellers homepage.

Use the form field below to note down the Best Selling products within your industry.

Check-in with industry blogs and newsletters

Research and list industry blogs and/or newsletters that cover trending and upcoming products. 

Save this list: use it every month as part of this checklist to keep tabs on releases of new products from the popular stores. Be sure to include links to the blogs/newsletters and upload/link the document to this checklist for safe-keeping. 

Pro-Tip: Subscribe to these blogs and newsletters to ensure you get regular updates. 

If you have already completed this checklist then you should have subscribed to relevant blogs and newsletters. Check-in and read up on any product updates.

Note down 5 trending products or accessories to products from the blogs/newsletters.

Research industry YouTube channels

Research relevant YouTube channels and influencers within your industry that cover trending and upcoming products. 

Save this list: use it every month as part of this checklist to keep tabs on releases of new products. Be sure to include links to the independent YouTube channels and upload/link the document to this checklist for safe-keeping. 

Pro-Tip: Subscribe to the channels to ensure you stay up to date with what is trending.

Check YouTube channels for trending products, record any products featured regularly. 

If you have already completed this checklist then you should have already subscribed to relevant YouTube channels. Check the channels for trending products and record any popular products.  

Note down 5 trending products or accessories from YouTube channels.

Check-in with your suppliers

Use suppliers as a source of information for what is being heavily sold and promoted.

Make a list of suppliers and email addresses. Save this list: use it every month as part of this checklist to monitor product trends. Be sure to include links to the suppliers and upload/link the document to this checklist for safe-keeping. 

Create an email draft to send out to suppliers asking them to report on any trends they may be witnessing. 

Input suppliers responses

Use the form fields below to note down any feedback received from your suppliers in response to this month's email. 

Note the specific product trends (if any).

Find relevant cross-platform hashtags

Use tagboard to show hashtags that are trending across ALL platforms and use it to filter out the best hashtags.

Many tools make it difficult to find out which hashtags are popular on individual platforms. And other tools are good for solely finding hashtags on a particular platform.

Use the form fields below to record which of the trending hashtags you've identified in the previous tasks are trending across all platforms.

Find hashtags that help you meet specific goals

Use Hashtags.org for a detailed analysis of the filtered hashtags.

Note: The ability to find related hashtags is limited to paid members. They do provide some related hashtags, but to see the full list you will need to upgrade your account.

Use the sub-checklist below to guide your research, once you have completed an action tick the box. 

Record any standout data in the form field below and upload/link your research document. 

  • 1
    Enter a hashtag into the search box
  • 2
    Record the hashtag definition
  • 3
    Record details from the 24-hour hashtag trend graph
  • 4
    Record “prolific users” of that hashtag
  • 5
    Record recent tweets about the hashtag
  • 6
    Record related hashtags

Create Google sheet with initial keywords

Copy and paste the trending product and hashtag keywords from the text box below into an Excel spreadsheet or Google sheet. 

The data below features the information you inputted into in the previous tasks (popular stores, amazon best sellers, industry blogs, youtube channels, suppliers, filtered hashtags).

Use the blank template provided here or create your own document and use the image below and the sub-checklist for guidance on what to include.

*the keywords will be the products, accessories, and hashtags you entered in the previous task.

Popular Stores

{{form.List_popular_stores}} {{form.Popular_products_from_stores}}{{form.Popular_stores:_record_stand_out_results}}{{form.Popular_stores:_top_product_#1}}{{form.Popular_stores:_top_product_#2}}

Amazon Best Sellers


Blogs and Newsletters 








  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
    Keyword difficulty
  • 5
Amazon Trends: Keyword Research Template

Filter by search volume

Search for keywords that have high or rapidly increasing volumes.

High volume keywords indicate the immediate language that people are currently using to try and satisfy their needs. 

Keywords and exact keyword phrases with high search volumes tell us a few things. Namely, that there is currently a high demand for something about this keyword - whether that's a consumer demand for a product or a more general demand for information on a topic. 

Use the form field below to note down keywords with high volume.

Remember to keep in mind the intent of search and consider how can the keyword be translatable into a product trend.  You should consider your needs and business goals, as well as the resources you have available for SEO.

Filter by clicks

Volume is not the only vital thing to consider when analyzing trends in Ahrefs.

Checking the number of clicks a keyword gets is equally as important as it helps to distinguish between informational, navigational, commercial, and transactional intent. 

Basically, there's a lot to consider. The table below identifies the key SEO metrics to consider when using Ahrefs. For a detailed explanation of these metrics read this article by Tim Soulo.

Amazon Trends: Search intent for Ahrefs.

Note down the high click keywords that show commercial or transactional intent. 

Pro Tip: These keywords provide direct insight into what customers are searching for when intending to complete a purchase. 

Filter by keyword difficulty

Determine if the keyword (or product) is worth targeting.

A big part of deciding if a keyword is worth targeting is looking who is already ranking for that term. 

If popular and authoritative sites or brands are ranking for your keyword/ product then it is best to reassess whether it is worth running with that trend.

To judge how difficult it would be to rank for a keyword use the Ahrefs Keywords Explorer.

You will see your top picks from the previous two tasks in the text box below.

Filter these keywords judging on their keyword difficulty and then note down the remaining keywords in the form field below.

Filter keywords 




Gather highest-ranking competitor keywords

One web page can rank for thousands of extremely tightly related keywords, so it makes sense to filter down these pages to the highest-ranking ones.

By looking at what competitor pages are ranking highly for certain keywords, you can effectively reverse-engineer this ranking indicator to find new related keywords.

Ahrefs Site Explorer once again proves its worth us with a powerful tool to access this information.

Using the same competitors as in the task above, search a competitor's URL in Site Explorer to get a list of keywords like this:

Amazon Trends: Keyword research for competitors.

Look for more keywords in your less-than-specific niches, and keep in mind everything from the previous two tasks (keyword difficulty, volume, clicks, and how they all fit into your business plan).

Follow the instructions in this sub-checklist and mark each item off as you go:

  • 1
    Put your seed keyword into Google and see who ranks on top
  • 2
    Reverse lookup the best ranking domains with Ahrefs Site Explorer
  • 3
    Check the "Top Pages" report in Site Explorer
  • 4
    Use the "Content Gap" tool to check for keywords your competitors are ranking for that you aren't

Gather LSI keywords

LSI keywords are words and phrases that Google sees as semantically-related to a topic—at least according to many in the SEO community. If you're talking about cars, then LSI keywords might be automobile, engine, road, tires, vehicle, and automatic transmission.

You can use LSIGraph for generating semantically related keywords. Add the top five to your keyword database and mark the tasks in the sub-checklist below as complete.

Note the optimized LSI keywords in the form field below.

  • 1
    Select five of the best keywords in your database so far
  • 2
    Input each of them into LSIGraph separately
  • 3
    Generate and gather five LSI keywords for each of your top five keywords
  • 4
    Add them to your keyword database
  • 5
    Tag them as LSI keywords
  • 6
    Input LSI keywords into Ahrefs keyword explorer
  • 7
    Record metrics for each LSI keyword (volume, clicks, difficulty, etc.)

Summarize Ahrefs keyword research

Round up the top keywords and record them in the form fields below.

Don't forget to consider the LSI keywords.

Consider all of the following as you make a decision:

  • 1
    Does the keyword translate into a product?
  • 2
    Estimated traffic potential
  • 3
    Resources needed to rank for any given keyword (keyword difficulty)
  • 4
    Resources needed to build and promote content
  • 5
    Estimated ROI for traffic (based on keyword intent)

Finalize All Data:

View all of the data

Finally, let's review all of your research from this Amazon Trends checklist.

Use the information in this section to inform your final decision concerning which trending product (or keywords relating to a product) to run with. 

Below is a summary of your findings from each of the tasks within this checklist.

Your Amazon Trends Report



Popular Stores

{{form.List_popular_stores}} {{form.Popular_products_from_stores}}{{form.Popular_stores:_record_stand_out_results}}{{form.Popular_stores:_top_product_#1}}{{form.Popular_stores:_top_product_#2}}

Amazon Best Sellers


Blogs and Newsletters 








Google Trends


Keyword Research

{{form.Keyword_explorer:_new_product_ideas}} {{form.High_volume_keywords}}{{form.High_click_keywords}}{{form.Filtered_keywords}}{{form.Determine_optimized_LSI_keywords}}





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