Airtable + Process Street Integration

Integrate Airtable with Process Street

You can easily Integrate Airtable with Process Street.

Any action in Process Street, like a new task being checked, a comment on a task in a checklist, a new checklist being run, or an attachment uploaded to a task can be set up as a trigger to do something in Airtable.

For this example, we’re going to set up a trigger for each time a new task is checked in a Process Street checklist, and an action to create a new Airtable record.

Use case:

  • A company uses Airtable for keeping track of their tasks
  • They use Process Street for their client onboarding process
  • They want to automatically create an Airtable task for making sure documents have been received after the task for sending an email is marked as complete in Process Street

Process overview:

  • We will prepare a Process Street checklist
  • We will create a Zap in Zapier
  • We will set up a trigger for the Zap for each time a task is checked in a Process Street checklist
  • We will set up an action for the Zap that creates a new record in Airtable

Let’s get this set up!

Preparing a Process Street checklist

You can either create your own template and edit it to include custom form fields for whatever purpose you need, or you can use one of our many pre-made templates.

For this example, I’ll be using the client onboarding checklist for a marketing agency.

Here it is embedded below:

You can grab it for yourself or use your own template.

Once you’ve decided on the template, the next step is to create the Zap in Zapier.

Creating a Zap in Zapier

Zapier is a tool that connects over 1,000 different apps. Any action in any of the supported apps (like forwarding an email or adding an attachment to a task) can be set up to trigger another app’s features automatically. Zapier integrates with both Airtable and Process Street.

The whole recipe for a basic integration (trigger + action) is called a Zap.

Sign in to Zapier or create an account, then click ‘Make a zap!’

Setting up a trigger for the Zap in Process Street

In your new zap, select Process Street as the trigger and select New Task Checked:

Airtable integration

Then hit the blue “Save + Continue” button.

Connect your Process Street account, and proceed to Set Up Options. From the dropdown menus, choose the Process Street checklist you wish to use, and select a task in the checklist which will act as the trigger.

Airtable integration

The next step requires that Zapier pulls some information from the template you specified, so you’ll have to actually run your checklist and complete it as far as the trigger task.

When you do, you’ll see something like this:

Airtable integration

Now it’s time to add an action step.

Setting up an action for the Zap in Airtable

Click “Add a Step” and select Airtable as the action:

Airtable integration

Make sure “Create Record” is set as the action.

Airtable integration

Then, connect your Airtable account by visiting your Airtable account page and copying your API key into the popup window:

Airtable integration

Next, set up the action to tell Airtable what kind of new record to create.

Base and Table are just locations in your Airtable account, so decide where you want the new record to go:

Airtable integration

Send a test to Airtable to make sure the Zap is working correctly so far. It’s also a good idea to jump into Airtable at this point and make sure the new record was actually created.

If the test was successful, you’ll see something like this:

Airtable integration

And finally, just give your Zap a name and turn it “ON”, and you’re good to go!

Airtable integration

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