How To Archive Workflow Runs

Archiving workflow runs lets you file away your work without permanently deleting your workflow runs.

This is great if you started a workflow run but circumstances have changed and you no longer need to complete it, or if you created lots of test workflow runs and now you need to clear them out.

Users: Admins and Full Members can archive workflow runs.

How to archive single workflow runs

When you view any workflow run, you’ll see a button to “Archive” over in the right-hand menu. This allows you to archive workflow runs one at a time.

How to archive bulk workflow runs

If you want to archive all the workflow runs associated with a workflow, you can archive the workflow, which automatically archives all its workflow runs at the same time.

Start in your Library and search for the required workflow.

Click the three dots next to your workflow’s name (or click its name) to open the right-hand menu. Next, select “More options” and then “Archive” as shown above.

Finally, unarchive the workflow and the workflow runs will remain inactive.

Archive workflow runs via an automation

If you are using an integration tool such as Zapier, you can change the state of your workflow runs to “Archived” when using the “Update a workflow run” action.

In the “Workflow Run Status” field use the dropdown to select “Archived” as shown above.

Your workflow runs will identify at the top of the page that they have been “Archived by Zapier”.

How to view archived workflow runs

You can view archived workflow runs from your Reports area or from your organization’s activity feed.

From Reports

Click “Reports” in the header bar at the top of your screen.

You can search in saved views you already have created, or create a new saved view. The example below shows you how to create a new saved view just for archived workflow runs, from all of your workflows.

First, create a new saved view by clicking the + button on the top left side of your screen, then select the workflow/s you want to view. Next set the filter to show workflow runs that contain the status “Archived”.

Save the view when you’re happy with the layout and it appears on the left of your screen under the default saved views.

From your organization activity feed

To see which user archived a workflow run, you can head to the activity tab in your organization manager screen.

Note: Only admins can view the organization activity feed.

Click the link for “workflow run” to open this up if you’d like to unarchive it.

Recent activity is shown at the top of the page, you may want to load more results and search for the word “Archived” for older activity feeds.

There is no limit to the activity logs, so all activity since you began your account will be recorded here.

Note: If you have used an automation (e.g. Zapier) to archive workflow runs, they will not show in your activity feed (only manually archived workflow runs show in this feed).

How to unarchive workflow runs

To unarchive (or delete) an archived workflow run you first need to find it in Reports (or in your activity feed as shown above) and then click its name to open it.

In the right-hand menu, you will now see two buttons; “Unarchive” and “Delete”. Click the option you want to carry out, as shown below.

Learn how to recover deleted workflow runs.

Note: Archived workflow runs do not count towards the active workflow run limit on our free plan, making this function a great way to make room for more!


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