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Deactivating Users

Deactivating Users

Updated July 10, 2024

Deactivating users instead of deleting them from your organization means that you can keep a record of their work, and easily find them to reassign their work to others.

For example, if an employee leaves your organization before completing their onboarding, you can deactivate them while retaining task assignments and the progress they made on workflow runs.

If you work with seasonal contractors, or if you have employees going on extended leave, you can deactivate them while retaining their work progress, comments, task assignments, and scheduled workflows which can be restored when they’re reactivated

Users: To manage your organization, you must be an Administrator.

Deactivating a user

Go to your Organization Settings and switch to the Members & Guests tab. Navigate to the user you want to deactivate, click Active then select Inactive.

What happens when you deactivate a user?

When you change a user’s status from Active to Inactive, they get deactivated and greyed out. They will no longer be able to login to your Process Street organization.

A deactivated user cannot be added to workflow permissions or be assigned to tasks, workflow runs, or scheduled workflows. However, they will continue to display as greyed-out assignees for tasks and workflow runs across your organization.


In your Reports dashboard, click Assignees to view the deactivated users assigned to tasks or workflow runs.

Workflow Runs

In an active workflow run, if a task is assigned to a user that was deactivated, they will remain assigned to that task but will show as greyed out.

You can assign these tasks to others if the user was deactivated before completing their tasks.

A user will continue to display as a workflow run assignee in the greyed-out, deactivated state.

If the workflow run has no other assignee apart from the deactivated one, you can assign it to other users.


The comments left by a user who was deactivated will continue to display, as shown below.

My Work

Once a user has been deactivated, you can filter My Work to view all the tasks and workflow runs to which they were assigned.

Scheduled workflow runs

A scheduled workflow assigned to a user that was deactivated will continue to run as scheduled. However, it will not be assigned to anyone until a new assignee is added to replace the deactivated user.

Reactivating a user

To reactivate a user, go to your Organization settings, search for the deactivated user, click on Inactive then change their status to Active.

As soon as you reactivate a user, their profile will no longer display as greyed out and they will be restored to the tasks, workflow runs, and scheduled runs to which they were assigned. They will then be able to log in to your Process Street organization and pick up their assigned work.

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