Gmail + Process Street Integration

You can integrate Gmail with Process Street checklists using Zapier.

Information you receive by email in Gmail can be used to automatically run and populate checklists in Process Street. That means that you don’t have to manually sort through your emails and run checklists to process them – they can be automatically detected and arranged into tasks to process from your Process Street Inbox.

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Use case:

  • A company manages their user feedback processing with Process Street
  • The company wants to automatically run a user feedback processing checklist when receiving feedback through Gmail create an event in Google Calendar to log the time of the initial meeting with the client

Process overview:

  • We will add form fields to a Process Street template
  • We will set up our “User Feedback” label in Gmail
  • We will make a Zap in Zapier that runs a new checklist in Process Street when you label an email you receive as “User Feedback”
  • We will configure the Zap to pull information from the email into the Process Street checklist form fields to save the hassle of data entry

Let’s get this set up!

Add form fields to the Process Street checklist

First, we need to add form fields into our user feedback processing checklist in Process Street. These can be used to record data when working through the checklist, which we will later use to store information from the email you receive in Gmail as a new event.

The gif below shows how to add form fields while editing a template.

In this case, we’ve set up form fields to capture the following information:

  • Feedback source
  • Feedback date
  • User email address
  • Original message

While there are other form fields that have been added to the checklist, these are for later action and aren’t needed to get your Gmail integration up and running.

Add form fields to your own checklist to make space for any information you think will be relevant when processing your user feedback email (such as the elements above). Alternatively, you can always grab our free premade template below and edit it to your needs to accomplish the same thing.

After that, it’s time to make sure that your label is set up in Gmail to signal to Zapier that it needs pushing into your checklist.

Set up your “User Feedback” label in Gmail

Next, you need to set up your label in Gmail so that you can easily label the messages your receive appropriately. This will also let Zapier know what emails should be pushed into a new Process Street checklist and which sould not.

There’s not much to this step, other than that you’ll need to have an account set up and the label created.

Just log into your Gmail account (or create a free account if you don’t have one) and click “Create new label”…

create new label

… then pick the name for your new label and hit “Create”.

user feedback label

Make a Zap in Zapier to run a new checklist in Process Street when you label an email in Gmail

Zapier is a tool that connects over 1,000 different apps. Any action in the supported apps (like forwarding an email or adding an attachment to a task) can be set up to trigger another app’s features automatically. Zapier integrates with both Gmail and Process Street. The whole recipe (Trigger + Action) is called a Zap.

Log into Zapier or create an account, then click ‘Make a Zap!’

gmail integration - make a zap

In your new Zap, select Gmail as the trigger and choose New Labeled Email:

gmail integration - new labeled email

Connect your Gmail account, and move onto Set Up Options. From the dropdown menu, select the label that we set up earlier, then click Continue.

gmail integration - select user feedback label

Before you go on to test the step in Zapier, make sure you’ve recently labelled an email as “User Feedback” – you can always send yourself an email to test this out. Otherwise, Zapier won’t have any test data to pull in and validate.

Congratulations! You’ve just set up Gmail as your Trigger for the Zap. Next it’s time to set up Process Street as your Action app.

Configure the Zap to create and populate your checklists in Process Street

Choose Process Street as your Action app and “Create Checklist” as the Action. This tells Zapier to create a checklist in Process Street when it detects that you’ve labelled an email as in the previous section of this article.

gmail integration - create checklist

Connect your Process Street account and then move on to choosing and setting up the template your checklist will run from.

Here you need to select the template that your checklist will run from using the “Template” dropdown.

gmail integration - select template

Once that’s done, all that you have left to do is to link the form fields in your checklist with information from your email in Gmail.

Do this by clicking the “Insert a Field” button to the right of each entry, and then using either the dropdown or search bar to find the information you want to push through.

In this example, I linked:

  • The “Checklist Name” and “User Email Address” to be the email address of the person who sent the email
  • The “Feedback Date” to be the date the email was sent
  • The “Original Message” field to contain the body text of the email

gmail integration - set up checklist

Once you have your Zap set up, continue through to the test phase, complete it, then head over to your Process Street account to make sure that your checklist has been created and populated correctly.

gmail integration - check zap in process street

Once that’s done, name and save your Zap, then test it out again by sending yourself a test email and assigning the label that we set up earlier to it. Make sure that the checklist is created correctly with all of the relevant information in the right place.

And there you have it! Here’s to saving time and energy that’s better spent on your more important tasks.

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