Process Street iOS App for iPhone

Our mobile app for iPhone gives you the ability to quickly find your work, and complete it on the go.

Download the app now from the Apple app store!

Users can find and complete tasks, checklists and approvals with ease, and run new checklists at the click of a button.

Not only that, but it also gives you an optimized experience versus working on a browser. You can also manage notifications better, so that you only receive the notifications that are important to you.

Example use cases

  • Property managers who need to carry out inspections in the field
  • HR managers running employee screening interviews at a job fair
  • Managers signing off Approvals when out of the office
  • Construction project leaders working on site
  • Health care workers completing checklists on client visits

Users: Anyone with an iPhone can use the app. In order to run checklists, you must be an administrator or a member who has been given ‘can run’ access by your administrator.

Mobile Inbox

Your mobile Inbox allows you to use filters to quickly search for checklists and tasks you’re assigned to.

You can handle Approvals on the go, with just a few clicks.

You can also create saved views to help you access what you need to, faster.

Inbox Filters

  • Checklists – All / On-track / Due / Due Soon
  • Assignee – Who is assigned
  • Template name – A-Z or Z-A
  • Checklist name – A-Z or Z-A
  • Due date – Newest or Oldest
  • Created date – Newest or Oldest
  • Activity – Recent or Oldest

Once you have selected your filters, click Apply to save this view.

Next time you sign in you’ll find the same view so that you can access what you need to work on straight away.

Working through the checklists in your Inbox is simple. Once you’ve completed a checklist, you will be taken straight back to your Inbox to work through some more.

And yes, you still get a confetti shower each time you complete a checklist 🙂

Run new checklists

To run a checklist click on the button in the menu at the bottom of your home screen.

If you have completed all the items in your Inbox, you’ll also see a green button prompting you to run a new checklist in the center of your screen.

Once you’ve clicked to run a new checklist, you’ll see a list of all the templates in your organization.

Scroll or use the search box to find the one you want to run a checklist from.

Once you’ve selected a template, give your checklist a name.

Optional: Assign someone (or a group) and give it a due date.

Click Run Checklist at the bottom of your screen and you’re all set, your checklist has been created.


You can customize what you get notifications for in the Push Notification settings.

Since they are push notifications, you’ll receive them to alert you to important tasks that need to be dealt with right away. If you tap the notification, it will take you straight to the checklist in question.

If someone @mentions in a comment you’ll also get a notification. This works in the same way as email notifications in the browser version.


Click the settings cog on the bottom of your home screen to open the settings menu.

Here you will have access to:

  • User Profile settings
  • Push Notification settings
  • User Guide (Where you can search our Knowledge Base for help)
  • Contact Support
  • Terms of Service
  • Give us Feedback
  • Switch Organizations
  • Logout


Download the app

Download the app now from the Apple app store!


You can login to the app via email and password, Google or Single-Sign On (SSO).

You will need to already have a Process Street account to be able to login. Sign up for new accounts will need to be done on the browser version first, then you can access the app.


Additional actions

To be able to do any or all of the following actions, you’ll need to login to the browser version of Process Street:

  • Create, edit, copy, archive or delete a template, or set template permissions
  • Create or manage folders, or move templates between folders
  • Create checklist run links or share links
  • Create, edit or delete scheduled checklists
  • Run multiple checklists
  • Create, edit or delete tags
  • Subscribe to templates or checklists
  • Export or print templates or checklists
  • Recover deleted templates or checklists
  • Add a template to a public library
  • View templates
  • View or change billing details, or change plans

Note that the app only works in online mode.


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